Focus On: Pushups

Happy weekend—or continued-fun from the holidays, if celebrating!

I am seriously loving being in the mountains and seeing pretty sunsets.

so pretty

And I really love busting out my Zumba moves, fitness DVDs, and pushups while away from the gym and my normal fitness routine in the a.m. here! It is fun to switch it up once in awhile :) (The inlaws live too far away from any gym I am a member of–I hate driving far).

Focus On: Pushups

Did you know that bodyweight exercises are one of the best things YOU (and I) could do for the body?! ‘Tis true. And the best part about all of that?? It is free, easily accessible, and quick to set up to do.

Bodyweight exercises you might know about include: pushups, squats, pull ups, lunges, triceps dips, burpees, plie squats, triceps pushups, planks, and crunches. (Holy smokes, that is a workout right there! Do each of those for 12 reps and repeat the entire circuit 3 times. Whew!)

Pushups are arguably the most well-known bodyweight exercises out there (and the ones I used to hate the most), so let’s chat about those shall we?

starting a pushup, my butt should be lower, though

Pushups are done correctly like this:

  • set your hands outside of your shoulders on the floor
  • turn the hands slightly out
  • tuck your toes under and push up onto the toes
  • the butt should be lower than the shoulder level, so there is a slight decline
  • chin is NOT tucked, look slightly in front of you, not under you
  • abs pulled in tight

to do a pushup:

  • bend at the elbows
  • keep the abs tight as you go down
  • try to get your chin to the floor :)
  • use the back, shoulders, chest, abs, and legs to push back up to the start (uuhhhh that is a LOT of muscles!<—why pushups are SO effective)

pushups can be done:

  • on the toes
  • on the knees
  • toes on a bench top or a higher level (stair)
  • with one arm (hah)
  • with the elbows in (named “triceps pushups”)

elbows in for a triceps pushup; my butt should be lower, again (I guess I need to work on that! hah)

So what are YOU waiting for?! Get down and do some pushups! :) I can do 24 ‘man’ pushups without stopping, and many more on my knees (‘girl’ pushups)–all thanks to BodyPUMP for sure. P.s. Caitlin has a pushup challenge going on, so if you want to join, let’s do this and change up our workouts for the holiday time!

Hello sexy backs, arms, and chests in a few days!

Do YOU love pushups?? What is YOUR favorite way to do pushups?? Do YOU have a certain challenge for a number of pushups??

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  1. I LOVE push-ups. I do them all the time and they make me feel so strong :). I used to just enjoy regular ones but now I like doing them with my feet on a bench of with a medicine ball under one of my palms.

  2. I do “man” pushups, but I definitely don’t get my chin near the floor… So I guess I do wussy man push ups! Haha

  3. I LOVE pushups! They work so many upper body muscles, and I always feel sore from them. They challenge me so much. I also like how they work your core at the same time!


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