Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey friends!

In the US of A, it is Thanksgiving today! So excited to spend the day in fitness, family, and food activities :)

Because it is a holiday of thankfulness, AND it is Thursday (I do Thankful Thursdays here on the blog), this is going to be an epic thankful Thursday post…in honor of my years on this earth.

*These are not listed in any particular order, nor do they represent the year of what I was thankful for then. It was just a fun number to choose to list off all the reasons of gratitude right now…..oh, and this is NOT a comprehensive list!

T-day 2009

I am Thankful

1. I am deeply thankful for my faith. It grounds me, gives me purpose in this life, helps me be better, and answers all those ‘hard’ questions.

2. I am super grateful for my family. I have amazing parents, 9 awesome siblings, 4 fabulous in-law siblings, and 9.45 adorable nieces and nephews.

wedding 2010, us with our sisters

3. I am very grateful for an incredible education.

4. I am thankful for boots. I love boots.

see the boots?? LOVE.

5. I am grateful for days off of work.

6. I am super duper thankful for an incredible, amazing, hot, wonderful, fabulous husband!! He is my best friend. He loves me for who I am. He never judges me. And he will always love me. I am grateful we can be together for eternity!

love this guy

7. I am thankful for his family, my in laws. I was afraid I’d have scary in laws (hello Hollywood!), but I couldn’t have been more blessed– I have great in-law mom/dad, 4 in-law siblings (1 is in heaven), and 8 cute adorable nieces/nephews (1 is in heaven).

8. I am thankful for spinach.

9. I am super grateful for a warm bed and an awesome pillow.

10. I am eternally grateful for a loving Heavenly Father (God) and His Son, Jesus Christ! My personal relationship with Them is deeply spiritual and a much-needed avenue of communication.

11. I am thankful for BodyPUMP!!!!!! It has been life-changing for me to get certified and be teaching. I absolutely LOVE it. And I know I am in my element when I am teaching it :)

I like tough.

12. I am very thankful for microwaves.

13. I am grateful for warm socks.

14. I am super thankful for dance. My itouch has “dancing is life” inscribed on it–yep, that explains how I feel about it 😉

15. I am thankful for floss. I LOVE flossing my teeth.

16. I am super grateful for water. Drinking that stuff feels so good.

17. I am thankful for my macbook pro. ’nuff said.

18. I am grateful for desserts. Most especially dark chocolate, caramel, fro yo, butterscotch, and chocolate chip cookies.

hello cookies

19. I am very thankful for ZUMBA! I love teaching that class. I love shakin’ it. And I am also in my element when doing so–my worries go bye-bye when I dance and teach Zumba.

20. I am grateful for airplanes.

flying to see fam in Sep

21. I am thankful for jeans. So freakin’ versatile. Thank you for inventing the perfect pants, Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss!

22. I am super grateful for cinnamon. I love that spice in almost anything.

23. I am grateful for my drivers’ license.

24. I am thankful that I have a roof over my head, a good job(s), and enough to eat.

25. I am super grateful for the ability to love and to be loved. What would we do without this wonderful feeling and emotion?!

T-day 2008--me with my 5 sisters!

26. I am thankful for my body. Yes, I really am :)

27. I am SO grateful for all my friendships and many blessings. Oh and for my trials–all these things make me stronger and happier!


I am off to run (literally), dance, and have a blast all day long with my husband and his family. Oh, and I’ll probably eat something too 😉 Hah.

Have a LOVELY day–Happy Thanksgiving if you’re celebrating. If not, then enjoy a wonderful Thursday.

What are YOU thankful for today?? What are YOU going to do today–anything special??!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving lady!! Enjoy your day. :)


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