Walking Counts

Hey people!

The holidays are arriving….how excited are you all!?

bro in law,sister + a nephew, me -2009

I love the holiday season. I seriously cry when they’re over, so lets soak it up this year together, mmmkay? First the fitness challenge, then after I started by buying something for someone else <—anyone else go to a store for somebody and then you end up buying something for YOURself?! Or am I the only selfish one around here??

Anyways. It was a success.

And tomorrow is Thanksgiving-woot! I can’t wait for the whole day of family fun :)

Walking Counts

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I was gifted a BodyBugg from a gym I work at. I have really enjoyed wearing the BodyBugg recently because on the days where I don’t necessarily squeeze in all the ‘exercise’ I could do (I practically live at a gym, remember?), all the walking and the small stuff I do counts too! And it shows up on the BodyBugg screen.

And eventually in roomier jeans. Score.

ready to walk! hah.

Of course this works the opposite way too–when I choose not to go on a walk, lie down to read instead of walking to the mailbox, or ask my husband to get something for me instead of me doing it myself, these numbers do NOT show up on the trusty BodyBugg.

Don’t worry I am not obsessed with the numbers, but I find it fascinating {to really see} that small things do COUNT.

All that research I did during my Master’s Thesis (which I will write about soon), all those articles we read in fitness magazines, all those tips for the holiday season of how to avoid weight gain : they all mention that the SMALL things count. And guess what?? They are RIGHT. Any health course from accredited online colleges would say the same as well.

Every walk you take you are several steps closer to being healthier than you were yesterday. Every trip around the grocery store helps you burn off just a bit more body fat.

walking counts!

Every bar you lift makes you stronger. Every time we bend over to help a child we are just a bit more flexible. Every arm you lift to help another in turn helps you in your fitness goal(s) as well.

And every time you get off your couch and do something more active you are taking charge of your health.

Catching on?

Let’s all stop stressing over every little number on each treadmill or scale…..and just get out there and MOVE. Walking really counts — so enjoy every step today :)

Have a great day!

What is YOUR favorite way to get in some leisurely exercise?? What are YOU most excited about for tomorrow?? <—I’m stoked for the hot, buttery rolls. Yumm.

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  1. Walking around the grocery store or target!!

  2. marci says:

    Do you like the body bugg you recived I looked and there seems to be a few differnt ones and one that even goes on your wrist as well? do you know the differnce of them at all I am trying to deccied weather this is a good tool for me

    • I like it a lot! Mine is the older version–but it works great! The older ones are cheaper and I think the web part is slower/not as updated, but it still works fabulous for me. Hope this helps :)

  3. shopping or walking the dog, for sure! i’m excited to make a vegan pumpkin pie for tomorrow and not tell anyone it’s vegan or that it has tofu in it until after they tell me they love it! heh heh heh… and i’m trying out a new recipe to bring for a side, as well: cheesy squash casserole! this recipe: http://www.peasandcrayons.com/2011/01/easy-cheesy-squash-casserole.html

  4. Happy Thanksgiving babe!!! Enjoy every bite and have a few for me too mmmmkay?

    I’m from Canada so tomorrow is just another day BUT I am looking forward to it being one day closer to my bake-a-thon christmas weekend with my parents and Jeff, spin class tomorrow night (eek! It’s been a long workout week!) AND spaghetti and meatballs for supper tomorrow!

    • thanks girl!!! Have a FABUlous time with that bake-aton. Sounds totally awesome :)

      Good luck on that bike….you know how I feel about all that. Hah.

  5. caroline says:

    walking sure does count! At work I walk a ton but m favorite way to walk is when I go on walks with Jason.

  6. I’m so glad to hear that you love your body bugg! I’ve been debating getting one, but I’m a bit afraid that the numbers could turn into an obsession… I guess you just have to keep a good perspective on it!

    I always remind myself that the little things count, especially when it’s something that requires going out of my way to help someone else! Sometimes remembering that helps give us the little kick in the pants we need to go bless someone’s day :)

    • I do like it–At first I was worried I’d obsess over the numbers (like I did back in the day), but i don’t. Now I see it as a fun challenge :)

      Love your thoughts–have a happy Thanksgiving!!


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