Kick It Up A Notch – Holiday Perspective

Hey Monday!

OH but this Monday is not any old Monday… is the Monday before Thanksgiving. Hello short work week :) And hello guest post over at Ashley’s blog—check it out, done by yours truly!

And MAJOR hello to: flying to the in-laws tonight! I’m stoked to spend a week with them and my husband’s family. My workouts are going to be different this week for sure (after teaching this a.m’s BodyPUMP–with my sista, woo!!– I won’t be teaching for an entire week! Gasp.)

But that is okay. It is a chance to KICK it up a notch, ifyaknowwhatImean.

A Holiday Shift In Perspective

With past holidays I would freak out because of the food—I didn’t want to eat it, I did, I didn’t want to overeat, and then I did, and then I’d throw it up, or I’d feel horrible about myself, and then I’d vow to never touch the delicious rolls again, etc.,etc.

Sounds super festive, right?!

Yah. NO.

those crescent rolls on the small plates....killer good

Because of a major shift in my perspective over the last 1.75 years or so (about the time I started lifting weights a tad more seriously, actually), my view about the holidays, my body, and my eating habits has completely changed!

Instead of worrying about calories per meal I now think about (not obsesses about<—key) what I could/want to eat to make my body happy and fit.

My fit body wants lean proteins (turkey, beans, tofu, chicken, veggie patties), tons of fresh fruits, whole grain carbs, and yes, desserts. —>I seriously need a little bit of sugar daily (usually in the form of dark chocolate, but lately its been my dad’s oatmeal/dark choc cookies or that awesome carrot cake!)

dark chocolate, baby

This shift has come as a result of my fitness motivation. It is totally true that when you treat your body right and give it the exercise it needs and wants, it then tells YOU what it wants to be fed to be/stay fueled correctly to continue to do that exercise.

Make sense??

Kick It Up A Notch

Well the holidays are upon us, and because some of us have struggled, are struggling, or will struggle with eating anxieties and focusing too much on food during this time, here is a thought about it all and what to do to help it…..

FOCUS on your fitness abilities first. Push your body and kick it up a notch in the fitness department over the next 5-6 weeks.

This could be running an extra 5 minutes during each run at a faster pace, incorporating more hills into your bike ride, adding more weight to tracks during BodyPUMP, or lifting heavy by yourself. OR holding some yoga poses longer, strengthening your core more intensely by adding Pilates to your weekly routine, or trying out some new fitness DVDs.

The point is this : KICK it up a notch in whatever fitness area YOU most want to work on and would be fun to do for YOU (not for your friend, trainer, or me. This IS all about you).

ready to KICK it up a notch?!

When you focus on what your body CAN do you will forget all about what your body can’t do, isn’t, or even the anxieties you have about your body. This confidence in your abilities will give you an increased measure of will power, strength, and health consciousness during the holidays. Promise.

Instead of focusing on what you CAN’T have, shouldn’t have, should avoid, or things you’re anxious about during these next 6 weeks of holiday wonderfulness, FOCUS on a goal to kick it up a notch in the fitness department.

(And avoid any ‘crap’ that says you can’t enjoy your favorites at this time of the year either–this’ll set you up for disaster. I am a witness to that as well. :( )

Have an awesome day deciding what this fitness challenge is going to be for YOU! Let’s do THIS and sweat it out together :)

so much to choose little time

I’d love to hear it–what are YOU going to challenge YOURself fitness-wise with the next 6 weeks?? What is YOUR favorite way to squeeze in exercise during the holidays?? <—-I need ideas for an upcoming post! Any fun T-day plans for YOU?? 

*My kick it up a notch fitness goal : add in P90x Plyometrics every week to my fitness regimen (it is tough!!). And add more weight for every track in BodyPUMP <—tried these both out on Saturday. TOTALLY insane and hard, but I did it and my confidence skyrocketed!

**Of course I am not a physician, so if you can’t/shouldn’t change your fitness plan because of doctor’s advice, then please don’t.

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  1. I am going to get back on track with exercising these next few weeks! As of late, I have been trouble getting myself out of bed to hit the gym early. Once I get in the habit, it is so easy to do, but since i’m not…. it’s pretty easy to continue that pattern unfortunately. During the holidays, I actually don’t have to “squeeze in exercise,” but instead I have time for exercise that I normally don’t: ie – hot yoga! During the work week, 90 minutes of hot yoga doesn’t fit too nicely into my schedule, so I am really looking forward to my days off work and some major sweat sessions! (ahem ahem, let’s plan something when you get back!)

  2. INCREDIBLE POST and it is so good to see how far you have come and how you will actually be able to fully enjoy the holidays with your husbands fam this week. You are amazing and so strong. Thanks for the encouragement with workouts this week, I NEEDED THAT!

  3. Hi! I just found your blog through your guest post on Ashley’s!! I cannot wait to read more :D. This is an awesome post. I love to kick my workouts up a notch during the holiday season…and during the cold months for that matter- I tend to like heavier foods when it’s cold out haha. My personal challenge is to either add time to some of my workouts or to increase the intensity.

  4. During the holidays, i don’t have access to a nice gym like i do here in Chicago so workout videos become key!

  5. This is why I love this blog. You are so real- it is all about moderation. Work hard, play hard!

  6. What a GREAT post!! Love it!! I’m like you- my body craves healthy, whole foods because I feel so much better when I eat them.
    That being said, I totally have a weakness for Christmas cookies and holiday desserts in general. I keep them OUT of my house and (try to) only indulge a little bit here and there.

  7. I love your website it is cool and I love fitness i love I love to eat health whole foods because I feel so much better when I eat them


    Sara Bailey

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