Leftovers’ Starring Role

Oh hey weekend–glad you’ve arrived!

What a night…..I went with my little sis and husband to see the new Twilight movie.

soooo many girl there! <--ignore my chipped polish. Kthanks.

Yes I read all the books. No I am not obsessed at all. It was an okay movie in my opinion–kind of what you’d expect if you’ve read the books or seen the other movies. Have any of YOU seen it?-What did YOU think?? <—no spoilers!

Moving on….

Leftovers’ Starring Role In My Life

Have I ever mentioned that I live for leftovers? No? Well, there you have it. It is true.

hello leftovers: turkey/spinach on buns, sweet potato fries, roasted carrots

I make lots of extra food so I can have leftovers. I make sure I don’t eat all my restaurant meals so I can have leftovers the next day. And I take food from parties, buffets, friends’ houses when it is socially acceptable to do so and eat them as leftovers the next day.


Some people may think it’s weird to keep/want leftovers but I just think it’s genius.

All in all I guess you could say when I like something I make sure I eat/do it again!

The reasons why making sure there are leftovers to eat and then eating them later rules:

  • CHEAP. You save money when you make/buy food in bulk. It may not be tons, but it all adds up!
  • DELICIOUS. You get to have the same awesome meal twice instead of once. Sign me up :)
  • DECISION MADE. I’ve mentioned that I hate lunch–usually because I am too hungry to decide on anything, so let the leftovers decide for YOU!
  • EASY and FAST. Ever heard of a microwave? Okay, good, me too. BING!
  • SAVES TIME and HEADACHES. I am not a chef or cook. I don’t looooove cooking (I like it enough to do it), but I do like eating good, healthy, wholesome foods. Leftovers are my saving grace to this problem!
  • HAPPY SPOUSE. Make a lot of food one night?! No problem–my husband is equally happy the next day.

The one down side to all of this? The meal has to be good enough for me (the husband) to eat it again the next day as leftovers.

leftover turkey burgers and sweet potato pies

However, soups, chilis, enchiladas, and spaghetti are easy enough……and now you know what we eat weekly 😉

I am off to burn off some major energy. I have KILLER plans for a workout today (no idea why I have so much energy), but I am ready to switch things up on the workout front!  Will include some BodyPUMP of course, though. Stay tuned :)

What are YOUR feelings on leftovers–love ’em, hate ’em?? What is YOUR favorite leftover?? Twilight fan?? Weekend plans??

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  1. I love leftovers! For all the same reasons that you do: fast, easy, cheap, convienent, and TASTY! I love leftover chili… it’s so versatile and you can do different things with it very easily… I always make super thick chili so if we eat it as true chili one night then the next night we can top a potato or put it in a wrap or whatever! Weekend plans: Audrey’s baby naming on Sunday! Yay! Oh… fan of the Twighlight book series, but have no intention/desires to see the movie…

    • Chili is a good one to use in different ways. SO true!

      Wahoo for Audrey’s baby naming–she is totally adorable :)

      Yes, the movies was “meh” Totally save some money and see it on DVD at some point.

  2. I used to hate leftovers, and I really don’t know why. Maybe because I like constant variety in my lunches & dinners, so having the same thing within a couple days is not my favorite. HOWEVER, lately I’ve been learning to be creative with my leftovers and making them into different dishes which helps! You’re right though on the benefits of leftovers though – I should learn to like them more! :)

    • Haha. So we’re the opposite, I am a creature of habit and love having things over and over. But it is good to switch things up– very true! Have a good vacay :)

  3. I appreciate leftovers too. Sometimes stuff even tastes better the second time around! =) No intention to see Twilight anytime soon- though I did like the books.

  4. your leftovers look fantastic! i think youve inspired me to bake some sweet potato fries tonight :)

    i’m not a twilight fan…i dont really get into those things. i never got into harry potter either (sorry if that is an offensive analogy to all the HP fans out there!)

    • Oh YES-sweet potato fries are my best friends right about now :)

      I know, I read the books and my sister wanted to see the movie–so I went. Save your money! 😉

  5. I totally agree – leftovers are genius!! I could live off the same soup or yummy casserole for days.. I think they taste better the next day anyway, at least after they’ve been given time to develop their flavours! And not a big Twilight fan, happy to wait and see the movie when it comes out on DVD! 😀



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