Focus On: Triceps Dips

Hey, hey. Friday has arrived!

Hope you all had a fantastic week so far –I definitely did :)

Focus On: Triceps Dips 

It is true that most people (read: men) focus on their biceps more than their triceps. Go to any gym and I guarantee that over 55% of the people using weights are doing curls (this statistic is totally made up, I realize that).

Okay so that could be a lie, but my point is this : if you want strong biceps, it is vital that you also work the opposing muscles as well : the triceps. Weak muscles and imbalances can develop if one muscle group is targeted too often and/or instead of working other muscle groups.


For example, if you want a strong/sexy upper back, make sure you’re also doing plenty of chest presses!

Same thing applies here : want some amazing guns?? (hello Cameron Diaz!), then get your booty (er, I mean arms) into dip position.

buff! (source)

Triceps dips can be done almost anywhere–even in the kitchen while cooking away for Thanksgiving!

For dips:

  • use a chair, short table, bed, bench top, or low stool
  • place hands next to your sides on the object, slide butt off
  • keep your body close to the objects you’re holding onto as you’re moving–this will help to reduce injury in the shoulders!
  • knees should be just a little behind ankles
  • bend at the elbows, keeping the elbows back <—NOT poking out!
  • avoid letting your shoulders rise up to your ears!


To make triceps dips even harder than they already are (hello moving your body weight with small muscle groups!!):

  • lift a leg off the ground <—add core work
  • put a weight on your lap <—extra resistance work!
  • go slower with the movement, i.e. count 4 counts down and 4 counts up, then 1 count down, HOLD, 2 counts up. for 8 reps. It is hard!
  • keep your butt even closer the bench/chair/table


This is truly a versatile move that can be done ANYwhere. So during your travels, Thanksgiving holidays (if you’re celebrating this coming week), vacation, or at a gym, grab a prop. You’ve already got your body weight, so GO. Say goodbye to the jiggle :)

P.s. body weight exercises are KEY to building strength!

Have a lovely day!

Any triceps dips lovers out there??! Which celebrity has the best arms do YOU think?? Fun Friday plans any of YOU??

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  1. Cameron is my inspiration for killer arms, but she looks a bit scary in that photo! 😉

  2. I love the tricep dip move! Sometimes I’ll do it when I’m bored sitting somewhere! It really can be done anywhere!

  3. I honestly hate working my tris because they’re very challenging since they’re such a small muscle group, but they’re also the part of my arm that needs the most work, so that’s what motivates me to pump out the tri exercises! Dips are definitely one of my favorite tri exercises, along with tri kickbacks. I love Jessica Biel’s arms, and body for that matter! 😉

    • yes, gotta love to hate ’em. The PUMPers also moan through the track ’cause it is so hard. Hah.

      Oh yes, Jessica for sure is buff as well!

  4. LOVE triceps dips…they get me every time. Of course, this is no surprise, but when it comes to killer arms, I’d say Michelle Obama is the go-to girl….I’d kill for arms like that!



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