Celebration Workouts

Hey friends! Here is my post : an admonition to you to all take the day off and celebrate…..

….by doing an extra hard workout…. 😉

….Because today is cause for celebration….

….In honor of….

2004-that is a Snickers Ice Cream Cake. YUMM.

It is the day of my birth! Woot.

So I am just going to take the day off and do nothing but workout and eat. And be with the husband. :)

{that actually is a good summary of what I do most days}


When I was a kiddo I LOVED my birthday. I loved feeling special. I loved eating special treats (hmmmm that has not changed one bit!) I loved being the center of attention. I loved the presents. I loved the special feeling the day brought. And I really loved the way my mom celebrated us.

We got to pick the meal for dinner, we had cake at breakfast (my favs are/were carrot cake,pumpkin/caramel cake,ice cream cake,or Texas sheet cake), and my mom put streamers on our door at night so that when we woke up in the morning we’d walk through the streamers into our special day.

pink streamers!!

Don’t worry, I still demand love when my husband does this all for me to this day :) And no, I have not grown out of it. Don’t think I ever will.

2009--when we were dating my husband made this birthday SO special! (Sweaty face=dance party)

Today though, I am working, but I LOVE my work so I get to do what I love on my birthday. Sweet.

Celebration Workouts

Here is what my day is going to have in it (that I know of):

  • I am going to teach a BodYPUMP class and I am going to ask them all in honor of my birthday to add some weight to 2 different tracks! And I am going to take the challenge too. Way to start the day RIGHT, I say.
  • I will eat eggs and jam together.
  • I will work with clients –helping them improve their quality of life.
  • I will take a nap.
  • I’ll take a really long, hot shower.
  • I will read.
  • I will boogie in my room to music <—-oh wait, how did this get in there?! This happens daily not just on my birthday! 😉
  • I will probably eat too much sugar.
  • I will spend time with my husband!!! Love that guy.
  • I will teach a Zumba class and do all my favorite songs in the class!
  • I will probably eat a delicious, romantic dinner with my husband :)
  • I will celebrate with some siblings and my parents!

Hopefully I’ll blow out some sort of candle(s) and hopefully I’ll have the birthday song sung to me at least once.

birthday time 2007 --with 2 sisters

To me, all of the above sounds like a perfect day so I am ready to get going. But first, lets all get in a HARD workout together in honor of moi. Mmmmkay?!

Three cheers for celebration workouts!!

Okay, and here is a fun trivia question for YOU: HOW old do YOU think I am turning today?? The winner(s) will get some recognition on the blog tomorrow :)

What are some of YOUR favorite birthday traditions?? What would be YOUR perfect day to celebrate?? What is YOUR workout for the day?? Any BodyPUMPers out there—-if SO, add weight to 2 tracks of your choice in honor of ME! All others, get in a HARD workout :)

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  1. i won’t blow your cover since obviously i know how old you’re turning! :) :) my favorite birthday traditions are….. presents! (i hope i never get too old to say this! presents are ALWAYS fun!) my workout for the day was supposed to be 30 mins on the stairmill… however i took the extra 30 mins of sleep because of not feeling well this weekend and this week of upcoming excuses (excuses, excuses) so i’ll have to make up for it tomorrow! since i love getting/giving presents and you once wrote a great post on how rewards don’t have to always be food i want to tell you that your birthday present from me will be ME treating YOU to one session of bikram yoga!! so let’s plan it!! (yet another excuse/time i get to see you… i’m so sneaky!) maybe over thanksgiving or winter break or an upcoming weekend we can find time! oh and by the way: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! xoxo

    • YOU are too sweet!!!!!! Thanks girl. I’d love that–and I’d love to see you soon :)

      Glad you slept in a little–you are always on the go, lady!

      Thanks for everything!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday pretty lady!!! I hope this is an awesome day for you. All that you have planned sounds like a perfect day to me! I really do hope you enjoy the day and all that it has to offer. I’m going to guess you’re turning… 28 today? Eeek I hope I’m right, or at least close. 😉

    My workout will be a 3 mile run with circuits of full body weights! Have a GREAT day girl!

  3. Haha I definitely worked out on my birthday too! Happy birthday to you! And I’m going to guess 27!

  4. I’m guessing that you are turning 31. =) I went on a long walk with my boys this morning. I like that you can celebrate yourself and the years you’ve had on earth! Happy Birthday miss Annette! Have a great day!

  5. Jessica says:

    27? I think we’re the same age and I turned 27 a couple of days ago! Happy birthday!

  6. caroline says:

    I am going to guess 26? Or 28. Never an odd number cause I think you hate odd numbers? My workout was a run on the treadmill and the bike. Happy Birthday!!!

  7. My guess is 26! :) I did a quick circuit training workout on my birthday this year so I had time to get ready to go out and celebrate!

  8. Happy birthday! You and your husband are adorable!

  9. Happy birthday my dear friend!!!

    I have not had good birthdays to be honest…Jeff tries every year to get me into it but I struggle with it…This year (my birthday is December 6th) we’ve decided to celebrate birthdays and truly mean it…I requested dinner and a movie…Lame but us!!

    My workouts were an hour aerobic and strength training DVD this am and Jillian Michaels SHRED after work. I was looking forward to yoga class ALL DAY but I got into a car accident after work and unfortunately missed it :( :( :(

    • Thanks girl!!

      I am SO sorry about your accident–are you okay?!

      Birthdays are super special, so I am glad you all are doing something fun :)


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