It isn’t any old Friday around here, it is 11/11/11 –and you all had better kiss the clock and make a wish when it strikes 11:11!! I promise the wish will come true 😉

Plus—after work the husband and I are heading to my bro’s house to spend time with him/wife/kids for my birthday weekend! Woot.

By the way, I am odd. (I kiss clocks for crying out loud!) My family and friends know I exhibit some funny behaviors. You might have guessed as well, from some crazy combos I’ve tried and said were tasty. But beware, my oddness is very fun to me. Maybe you all are odd along with me? Let’s find out…..

Oddities : Odd Things I Do/Like

Exhibit A: I eat bugs.

bugs. YUMM

Any guesses as to what those black things really are?!

Exhibit B: I take pictures of myself practicing my smile, hair placement, and head check. With bad lighting. Ya know. Just in case.

this got the "go ahead"

I warned you -I’m weird –but at least I am confident in this 😉

Exhibit C : I sometimes eat food that blew up in the microwave because I don’t want to throw it away.

eggs and spinach microwaved--blew up, but I still wiped 'em up and ate 'em

I am not a food waster. (Eggs are delicious!!) Even if is splatters on the microwave plate <—which was clean by the way.

Exhibit D : I am not a good photographer, but I take pictures of leaves anyways. So random. For possible blog photos.

I'm so artistic

Hah. I bet you think I’m so creative now. Wahhhahaha. I got you 😉

Exhibit E : I am totally obsessed with eggs and jam and cheese and spinach combo. Like OBSESSED.

can you see the jam and cheese hiding??

I can’t get enough of the combo. I eat it and once I am done licking my plate I want another one even though I am full. It is so bizarre. This stuff is GOOD.

Exhibit F : I can not get enough of reading good books. I could read for hours and not notice anything around me (so sorry husband!!), and even lose sleep for a good one (!!!big deal!!)—happened 2 nights ago with this book:


Seriously fabulous/intriguing/shocking novel.

Have a HAPPY weekend!! Off to teach some sweaty Zumba :)

Am I odd, or are YOU the odd one??! :) Any of these things totally make YOU laugh?? What are YOU doing this weekend??

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  1. lol!!!!!! you crack me up!!!!!!! i loooooooooooove chia seeds and the egg/spin/jam combo!!!!!!!!!! and ps: that pic is gooooorgeous of you!!!!!

  2. Haha! I love that pretty much all of this I would say too! I always call my chia and/or flax seeds “bugs also. 😉

  3. caroline says:

    The egg combo still sounds odd but I know how good you are at combining foods and making magic! This weekend I WORK. but thats okay cause next weekend I am hopefully going to YOUR bodypump class!!

  4. hahaha i’m a completely odd person TOO so its ok :)

    the “bug” picture made me giggle!

    i’m still a little sick but hoping to be completely better by tomorrow..i was really excited for a weekend of NO plans since last weekend was a bit crazy…but you know how it goes, plans just keep popping out of the woodwork..no rest for the weary. thank gosh i had 4 days of 12 hour sleep this week right?

  5. Happy 11/11/11 to you to lady! Off to your brothers house, eh? Have fun! P.S. I’m not odd at all. =) Ever. hehe.

  6. Also, thank you for the book recommendation!

    • NO prob. It is a really good one. I read it in like 1 day–amidst all I do. Haha. My poor husband was neglected. Whoops.

  7. Haha! EVERYBODY has something odd about them, I love that you came out and listed it 😀
    The weirdest for me was the eggs, cheese, spinach and jam. Interesting combo. But I guess it’s just like having waffle, bacon and maple syrup..? sort of?
    I get lost in books too, I get into it and realize it’s like 3 in the morning lol
    Haven’t done it much since the baby though..
    Happy friday!

    • It is a GREAT combo. You have to try it. SO tasty. Sweet and savory. YUMM. I don’t eat bacon, but I guess that is a good way to describe it with waffle/syrup.

      YAH for babies!! :) My sister sometimes reads while breastfeeding. Hah.


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