Kids’ Between-Meal Snacks

Happy Weekend!!

The weekend is a glorious thing in my eyes, especially when it involves a little date night action with my husband :) We kicked it off with some pizza, cuddling, and a movie I have been dyyyying to see (ever since reading the book in early October).

homemade pesto chicken pizza + salad



I am a nerd (duh!) and the day I finished the book (I love reading!!) I went online to find out when the movie was being released. November 1st was the day it was to be released on DVD, but I found out that Netflix and Redbox would both not begin renting it out until November 29th. (!!) I was sorely disappointed because I did not want to BUY a movie just to watch it once, especially if I had not seen it yet.

Are you catching on how much of a nerd I am?! And how much when I want something I really go after it??! (And I usually get it, I might add 😉 )

You could call it tenacious, or driven, or ambitious. But most, like my husband, call it stubborn. 😉

It is what it is, and after reading our friend Theresa’s experience with wanting a movie but she had to rent it on iTunes, it clicked!! I would go to iTunes and see if they had the movie I wanted.

And I was totally STOKED to see I could rent it from iTunes (download it, and you have 24 hours once you hit play-30 days to ‘hold it’) for a low price of 3.99$. Totally worth it to me -instead of waiting one month until the library, redbox, or netflix even began offering it. And that does not include the waiting time that would occur after that for me (in line after hundreds), to finally get to watch it.

No, sireee, 3.99$ for a solid, great date night sounds perfect to me :)

Luckily I really loved the movie or else that money spent would’ve been a waste…..and at least I have a great husband who watches chick flicks with me!

Kids’ Between Meal Snacks

Check out what I saw in a USATODAY newspaper 2 days ago. I almost cried.


Now I know I am not a mother (yet) so I could hardly berate any parent for allowing this to happen, but I do have common sense. And anyone who has noticed anything in this country has realized that children are getting larger at an ever alarming rate……maybe parents are to blame??!

When I saw this I just shook my head in sadness, almost cried (not kidding), and decided right then and there that my children would never even know what a potato chip was.


I wouldn’t do that (hello disordered eating by deprivation!), but I do think we’re in a sorry state if we parents (I am grouping myself there because eventually I will be one) choose to give our kiddos crackers over apples for snacks.

nature's TRUE candy

Is it our own laziness?? Is it what is cheaper?? <—read a thoroughly interesting discussion here— Or do we believe kids would rather the crackers and chips over the delicious, juicy apples, pears, oranges, bell peppers, and carrots??

I am of the opinion that our kiddos would eat the right things if we provided that for them : by buying, cutting ’em up, and making them available. It is the kids’ choice whether they eat the food or not, but we as adults have THE responsibility to make that choice AVAILABLE.

But I’d love to hear what ya’all have to say!

I am off to PUMP some iron. WHeeeee!

What did YOU do for date night?? Are YOU impatient and stubborn like me?! 😉 What do YOU think about the snack crisis??

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  1. the kids getting larger thing is definitely true… and gross and sad. schools claim to “promote healthy eating” but then they serve pizza twice a week (i am not even kidding) plus other disgusting crap. they put out a salad bar so they give kids the option and they are allowed to say they promote healthy eating. ridiculous. i tell my kids they have to bring a healthy snack. candy is NOT allowed, but that’s about all i can say without parents getting mad. not the way it will be when i have kids!! we have dinner plans tonight… speaking of, we need to make some with you guys!

    • Oh have fun!

      That is cool that you have the kids limit their sweets intake at school–I knew you were a fabulous teacher, but did not realize HOW fabulous!! 😉

  2. Agreed! If I offer my kids healthy snacks that is also what they ask for when they are hungry. I love being in charge of what enters my house!

    • So cool–YOU get to be in charge of the kiddos’ food at the house. I bet that feels good :) I wish more moms were doing that….

  3. caroline says:

    no date night here. =( Jason is still out of town. sad. sad. Glad to hear that you have a fun date night planned. And that pizza looks professional!

    Parents need to become more educated on how food choices affect children’s growth. (and maybe they will apply it to their own lives as well…)

    • It was a fun one!

      Totally agree on parents needing to be more educated on it….maybe you can sneak in nutrition lessons to moms in the nursing units?? 😉

  4. That is sad, about the kids’ snacks.
    It scares me, as a new mother. Even if I am careful at home once my daughter starts school, there will be vending machines, unhealthy school lunches, etc, etc and I won’t be able to do anything about it!!! She’s still 6 months old, yes I’m thinking ahead (very ahead lol), but I hope things get better in the next ten years…….

    • It is true, so many things we can’t control. But I guess it is most important to control what we CAN in our home environments!

      Thanks for stopping by :)


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