What Is The BodyBugg ?

Hey friends! How was your Halloween? Kay, so it is NOVEMBER now. Crazy. I feel like just yesterday I was mourning Summer…..and now it is my birth month! Woot.

I like November a lot because it brings my birthday, Thanksgiving, the holidays, Christmas lights (love!) and lots of family time. It is truly a perfect time of year for me (minus that I can’t swim outside!)

Christmas PJ's--with my sisters in 09' (can you spot me?)

What Is The BodyBugg ? 

A few weeks ago one of the gyms I work at gifted me a BodyBugg to show their appreciation for the work I’ve done there (awww!) I was super surprised, shocked, and a little confused (and really grateful!). I had heard a little about the BodyBugg but I was not sure how it worked, why people loved it, and what it could do for me.

So what is the BodyBugg really? The BodyBugg is a device that is worn on the upper, back part of the arm (on the triceps). The BodyBugg uses the information given to it (I’ll get to that in a moment), plus using a research-based algorithm, it then measures activity, steps taken, & calories burned. The display that can be worn as a watch or as a clip-on shows a display of calories, steps, and actual activity time, and updates every 60 seconds.

on the arm

Once we opened the box up my husband helped me set it up and synch it with my computer. After a few questions, *information entering, some other tinkering, and a few hours of charging, the BodyBugg was ready to be worn.

*The information required was the usual : age, sex, height, weight, ‘normal’ activity, occupation, etc. Other parts that went into more depth were a questionnaire about food preferences, percent of body fat questions, and options to enter in goals (such as losing weight, gaining weight, maintaining weight).

The BodyBugg synchs with macs, PCs, iphones, and other mobile devices, meaning it can be a very accurate and helpful tool to keep a person in ‘touch’ with what he/she is doing. When the person plugs the BodyBugg into a device, graphs are shown, and the option is given to enter in food consumed. Thus the BodyBugg can be a fabulous tool for keeping track of goals, helping persons stay on track, and even take away all the guesswork that goes into why plateaus and such might be happening.

hello BodyBugg

However, the BodyBugg might cause anxiety, distress, and possible obsession if that is a tendency…..on the other hand, for someone like me, it has helped silence the issues over the long haul of this process. At first I was kind of anxious for a few moments when I had to enter in all the information (reflections of a past weight, and past low(er) percent of body fat can be hard at times even when I feel ‘cured’- I am not perfect!) But after a day or so, I started focusing on the hard work I was doing. I started enjoying seeing my hard work literally SHOW up on the display.

Oh, and you know that I danced for a bit over 2 hours (on and off) during the night at my best friend’s wedding last week–and I burned over 1,000 calories! That was fun to find out!

Another thing that has been cool with the BodyBugg is seeing that the small steps DO matter. Each step, each dance move, and every lifting of my bar in BodyPUMP shows up on the display. It is true it ALL adds up, literally! (And it is even cooler that on days where I lift weights I do burn more calories overall in the other 23 hours than the days where I just do steady-state cardio. I am walking research, people 😉 Lifting weights changes your body for good and does increase the metabolism over time as muscle is built.)

the clip-on display

For the first few days it was fun to check on the display over and over, but after 2 weeks or so, it has become less of a contest or a game. Now it is just nice to know where I stand-and it helps to know how much I should fuel my body with (there are some days where I burn SO much I can not eat enough, and other days I can definitely keep up 😉 ) P.S. I WAS right, Zumba is a GREAT way to blast some major Zumba calories–holy cow I burn a lot in there!!

I do not log in my food by the way, just because it takes so much time, and I usually have a good idea of how much I eat and I also eat for what my body NEEDS and wants. I try to not deprive myself any more of certain foods that I used to keep “off limits”.

For example, I for sure had some candy last night, but unlike other years before, it was NOT the main focus of my night at all. Feels oh so good to have arrived at a very healthy relationship with my food. Finally. (I can help you too-it has been quite the ride, and I hope to help shorten it for some of you ;))

Overall I’ve been very pleased with the BodyBugg and how it functions. It is a fun thing for me, but I could see how someone could hate it and drive them crazy and into an obsessive state.

I’d say, though, for someone who is serious about wanting to lose weight, body fat, or even to realize his/her caloric needs more to a tee, the BodyBugg would be a fabulous investment.

It makes for a bumpy arm in a tighter shirt, but otherwise, I forget about it

As a side note, I have lost a few unintentional pounds (lovehandles melt away soooo slowly, hah.), gained more definition, and become even more in tune with my body over the last few weeks.  So I guess it would totally work for someone consciously working on those areas.

(**All of these opinions are my own, and I was not compensated in any way to write this. This was written from my personal experiences and feelings of having the device in my life.)

And with that, I am off to HIIT up the treadmill for a sweaty, intense time  :)

Have YOU ever experienced the BodyBugg?? Did that help to find out what is the BodyBugg all about anyways?? Would YOU use it??

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  1. I had a BodyBugg back when I worked at 24 Hour. I really liked it! Like you said, it was neat to see how much calorie burn was really going on throughout the day and how even the small stuff adds up. I can definitely see how it could cause some obsessive and anxious thoughts with all the numbers being involved for some people, so it’s important to be aware of that. However, I think it can be very effective weight loss tool if you use it in the right way too. Great review on this, Annette! 😉

  2. I love the idea of the body bug! And it’s so sleek! I would TOTALLY use one!

  3. caroline says:

    I want one! You have convinced me and sounds like it is a very effective tool.

  4. if you don’t mind me asking, how much is it to purchase? thanks


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