Eggs and Jam

Hey, hey! Happy Halloween!!!! 

the leaves even cooperated for the orange theme ;)

If you care to check out what we did for a costume—click over to my post on upright rows from Saturday. We did choose our costumes haphazardly (and in a frenzy) so I am glad we were at least semi-recognizable. Hah.

Anyone going trick or treating tonight? I get to teach Zumba, so we’ll be doing some Thriller there, of course :)

Outfits for the day: Zumba black/orange on the left, BodyPUMP black/orange on the right

And this morning I am teaching BodyPUMP—so it is only natural that my fitness outfits for the day are coordinated in BLACK and ORANGE. (I already owned orange athletic shoes–perfect!!) Yes. I am a nerd. And I am ok with that 😉

Eggs and Jam

Speaking of treats and things that go together  (BLACK and ORANGE for example! 😉 ), you know what has been a delicious (and nutritious) treat to me as of late?? Eggs and JAM. I know, weird, right?! But really, this combo is literally the JAM.

Usually the normal combinations of food that includes jam or eggs are : jam and peanut butter, or eggs and toast, or eggs and bacon, or jam and butter, or jam and toast, or eggs and hash browns, but for this lady here, it is the eggs and jam combo that truly hits the spot.

I can’t handle the taste of TOO sweet any more (or at least, not as often as I used to be able to!), so when I eat sweet things, it is super satisfying and delicious to me to pair it with something salty.

(Pretzels and Nutella anyone?! YUMM.)

Hence the eggs and jam. Also, eggs, jam, cheese, and spinach are a delicious combo too. WHAT?! 😉

can you see the jam??

Yes, I am weird, and yes I combine foods in very unique ways, but you gotta trust me on this one!

An egg and jam sandwich (or open-faced sandwich) is chock full of protein, healthy fats, good carbohydrates, and vegetables (if spinach/veggies are added). These macronutrient combinations are what keeps the belly (and body) satisfied for longer than if we were only to eat eggs alone, bread alone, or spinach alone.

This combination would be a perfect post workout snack, a nice, filling breakfast, or an easy, fast dinner (especially before any candy is consumed, ifyaknowwhatImean 😉 )

salty + sweet = glorious

To make:

  • cook 1 egg + 1 egg white  + spinach in a pan over medium heat (I add cumin, garlic, black pepper, and chili powder as well)
  • toast 1 (or 2) piece(s) of whole wheat bread
  • top with Laughing cow cheese or other cheese of choice
  • spread jam atop cheese
  • add egg/spinach
  • ENJOY!

Have a healthy, haunted-y, safe, delicious, and HAPPY Halloween!

Are YOU wearing BLACK and ORANGE today??! What is YOUR costume for tonight?? Any one ELSE love the eggs and jam combo too?!!

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  1. I’m right there with ya sista on the egg and cheese sandwich with jam – love the savory and sweet combo! And Nutella and pretzels?? YES PLEASE!

    You’re so cute with your Halloween outfit for Zumba! I’m jealous of all the people that get to be in your class! Have fun! 😉

    • savory and sweet–that is a good way to put it. SO good.

      haha–we’ll have fun! We had a good time at BodyPUMP :) –miss you!

  2. I ALSO want to come to your zumba class, if only to see your cool orange shoes. I hope everyone appreciates how cool you are! jam and eggs…. creative! I used to eat peanut butter on eggs- have you tried that before? Some people say eggs are not good for you. What do you think?

    • COME!! Maybe during holiday break?!

      I don’t like PB–yuck! Eggs ARE good for you….there is a LOT of controversy around that because some people don’t understand the difference between blood cholesterol and cholesterol in foods….and the relationship between the two. I will bring out some research soon. Thanks for asking :)

  3. caroline says:

    you always put such interesting things together but I totally believe you because you have a knack for that!.

    I felt like Halloween was on Sat for us because we dressed up then. Today I wore normal work clothes, i.e, scrubs!


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