Focus On: Upright Row

Happy Weekend! It would not be the weekend without some BodyPUMP…..I am up bright and early to go and teach. Release 79–you kick my butt (and everyone else’s in class) every.single.time. Ahhhhh. Can’t wait!

It also would not be a complete weekend without pictures of what we ended up doing for last night’s Halloween party……

{you guys gave some GREAT recommendations though–thanks!! Check out the comments of this post for ideas!}

kissing my frog, er, I mean, prince....

We rummaged through my parents’ dress up clothes……so yes, we were a princess and the frog prince. Kinda silly, but at least we did SOMEthing. That is great considering we decided less than 1 hour before the party started.

with Frankenstein, no less!

Focus On: Upright Row

Ahhhh shoulders. They are a small muscle group, yes, but BOY do they look good when they’ve been worked! Usually shoulder muscles tend to *show* up quite quickly when loaded. This means that we’ll all look eeeevvveeen sexier than we already do if we add a few more reps and exercises to target the shoulders, to our routines.

shoulders-semi upclose...haha.

What do ya say?!

Here you go : the upright row.

  • Using a barbell or dumb bells, start with the *weights* in front of the body <—-choose a weight that is heavy enough to be too much at around 10-12 reps (do 3 sets)
  • Your hands/hand grip should be a little outside of hips
  • Bringing the elbows up and wide, lift the weight up towards the chest
  • Stop the movement when the weight reaches chest level
  • Use the muscles to lower the weight back to starting position
  • The shoulders are loaded the entire time the weight is moving up and back down
  • Use the muscles to move the weight(s) NOT momentum!
  • May stand in a split stance to release the pressure in the lower spine (optional)


As a reminder :

  1. Keep the knees soft –don’t lock ANY joints!
  2. Don’t break back in the wrists <—this puts all the weights into smaller joint areas. OUCH.
  3. Try not to bring the bar or weights above the chest level.
  4. Avoid swinging or quickly releasing the weights using momentum—controlling the movement using the muscles will bring about the good changes in your body.
  5. Keep the shoulders away from the ears to avoid increased tension in the upper neck muscles <—we get enough stress from day-to-day activities to give us that! hah.
Have a lovely weekend! And don’t forget to check out *my rules* for staying sane around the Halloween candy :)
What is YOUR favorite body area to work out–and that changes the quickest for YOU?? Any fun costume parties you’ve been to yet??
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  1. I LOVE upright rows. They are definitely one of my favorite upper body exercises. Ahh I wish I could still go to your BodyPump classes!!!

  2. caroline says:

    I LOVE your costumes!! SO funny and SO cute.
    Did you know that last year dad grabbed the wrong blow up character and so we had a GIANT valentines teddy bear outside the car for trunk-to-trunk? hahahaha.

    I will only do upright rows in bodypump with you. Any other time and I am afraid of hurting myself.

    • Bahaha. I love that story about the teddy bear. that is SO fabulous……this night it was Frankenstein though–wahoo!

      We grabbed our outfits and threw them together so fast–glad they kinda look cute. Haha.

      COME to my BodyPUMP. And stat!!! Please!!! :)

  3. Franček says:

    I wonder why body pump still uses upright row, because all the fitness industry suggest that it is the single most dangerous exercise for shoulder (you can snap your S*** up really quickly)? i recently started to go to body pump classes because of my GF and i am not impressed, a lot of people with bad form. A lot of complex exercises that can cause serious injuries are performed by body pumpers, and are not properly performed.
    I heard they have a team that constantly works on improving the exercises and are in time with fitness industry and researches… well it is 2013 and you are pumping freaking upright rows (that pinches muscles in shoulders and cause them to tear).

    • I’m sorry you had a bad experience with bodypump. It is not for everyone, that is for sure! Where I live, BP is taken very seriously, so instructors are taught well.

      Also, just as a heads up, if you do the upright row correctly, and with a proper amount of weight, it will not snap your shoulder. Really in weight training any move done incorrectly or using improper technique or a dangerous ROM will hurt a joint or tendon. So simply saying the upright row is a bad move is incorrect–doing the wrong ROM in an upright row is dangerous, yes. The target ROM should be lower chest, but most people bring the weight too high –and of course the elbows should stay above the weight/bar.

      Hope that helps! :)


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