Halloween Candy

Hey, hey. It is FRIDAY! Wahoo.

I love me some Friday :) Tonight we’re going to a Halloween party at our church, so that should be fun…..still have NO idea what to be. Any suggestions?! We want to do something relatively easy (um hello, day of party!), cheap (duh!), and that matches (i.e. a couple of some sort). Let’s hear your ideas–GO!!

yes, we were penguins last year--don't judge

Halloween Candy

So, as we know, with Halloween comes a whole butt-load of candy. I remember when Halloween scared me….literally. Because I did not want to face all of that chocolate and all those calories, I tried to avoid all that candy (um, hello gym and library time!). Then during my bout with eating binges and emotional eating several years later, I pretty much grabbed every single piece I could. I even ate candy I didn’t really like.

when I lived in Austria, Halloween 06'---there is an American candy bar!

And you know what? Neither of these scenarios made me feel better about myself. I actually felt worse, much, much worse.

So where is the balance? Is there a balance??

I can say that YES, there is a balance. There is candy everywhere starting right about NOW (holiday season IS starting! Wahoo!!), but that does not mean that you (or I) need to eat every single kind of candy, nor do we need to sample the ones we don’t really love.

I don’t necessarily love any candy and I definitely could do without most American chocolate (Swiss blood here!), but around Halloween time, it feels festive and extra special to snag some candy that I think is somewhat tasty. (My favs for candy : Starbursts, Skittles, Laffy Taffy, Twizzlers ; My favs for American chocolate bars : Snickers –especially the Almond kind, Twix, York Patties, Kit Kat)


To stay on track with your own goals, fitness aspirations, or health-conscious desires, here are some tips that work for me:

  • Choose your all-time favorite candies and have 1 or 2.
  • Give away candy that you will NOT want to eat. Then, if you’re faced with tons of leftover candy you won’t be as tempted to eat ’em 😉
  • If you’re like me, then you’ll want to eat the candy/chocolate when everyone else is (I am a social eater), so wait to eat your candy–don’t just eat and go.
  • Take bites of a husband or friend’s candy, then you don’t have to unwrap yours! Hah.
  • Eat a healthy, fibrous, filling dinner before any Halloween candy event <—-you’ll be less tempted to eat tons of junk.
  • Remind yourself that you have a workout to do the next day!! <—this ALWAYS works for me!
  • ENJOY whatever candy/chocolate you do choose to eat and do NOT hate yourself, complain about it, or feel guilty afterwards (it ruins the whole experience of eating the great combo of fat+sugar). If you’re going to go for some of it, ENJOY it.

Candy dispensers! (in NYC-2007)

And here is a fun link to a quiz on testing your knowledge of which Halloween candy has more/less calories.(I got question 6 wrong!) Have a GREAT Friday–mine is starting with a nice, sweaty Zumba class-Wahoo! :)

What is YOUR all-time favorite Halloween candy or chocolate?? What is YOUR costume this year?? Any suggestions for us?

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  1. Great and informative post. I’m a social eater too and when someone eats some candy it makes me want some too. But I’ve adopted the same idea as you. I’ll eat and enjoy quality chocolate, not that cheap stuff that they usually give out for halloween candy and then its more satisfying and you don’t feel guilty!
    I don’t know what you can dress up as, but I’m going as fall, the season. Super easy. I didn’t buy anything extra. I’m going to to do gold and orange eye make up (here is the link for my inpsiration: http://www.makeupgeek.com/idea-gallery/look/fall-inspired-ben-nye-look/) and then i’m wearing a green flowy dress (or any fall color) with brown and orange accesories and then taking some cheap dollar store leaves and flowers. You two could choose two seasons and do something like that!
    Hope you have fun at your party tonight!

    • oooooh THAT is a good idea–pretty easy too. We’ll see how we feel at about 4 pm…. haha. Still so indecisive. I think things turn out better for me with costumes when I’m in a crunch–so thanks for the idea!!

      Social eating is WAY more fun, but when done in moderation. Hehe 😉

  2. ahhh and thus begins the season that makes it the hardest to stay on track :)

    favorite halloween candy is always reeses PB cups and snickers…but i always have candy around so halloween is not that much of a temptation honestly. i always incorporate candy into my diet so that I keep myself from binging on 20 reeses PB cups at a time on the weekend..and it works well for me!

    isnt it sad, no costume this year..i’m excited to see everyone else out and about but I just couldnt afford it this year. October is so tough with alot of birthdays and my birthday and its always a stretch on the wallet…ohhh well. cant wait to see your costume!!

    • SO true. Having candy/chocolate around during the year makes this ‘special’ time of the year not so tempting. Good work, friend!

      I can’t wait to see our costumes too….hahaa :)

  3. my teaching team-mates and i are rulers (we bought scrubs at garden ridge.. super cheap!) and we drew on them with sharpie and wrote “third grade rules” on the back. perfect for school teachers haha. one year, jonny and i went as a pumpkin and peter peter pumpkin eater. :) my friend is dressing up as a big in a blanket (get a piggy nose and wrap a blanket around you). jared could be a rally squirrel and you could be a nut!

    • WHAT a great idea for teachers!! Love it. I don’t eat pig……but that is a hilarious idea! hah.

      I think we should just go as Cardinals……everyone will love that around here in StL :)

  4. I love this post! I always have struggled with the holiday season and all of the many goodies and treats around. Just thinking about it makes me a little anxious. This year I hope to change my experience with all of the holiday goodies surrounding me, so these tips and your advice are definitely a huge help. You’re awesome, lady! Have a great weekend!

    • You CAN do it, girl :) If I can–anyone can. Promise. My eating habits over the years were SO whack, it is amazing I am normal now. Haha. Have a lovely weekend!

  5. My husband and I were going to go to a Halloween party tomorrow night, but we’re not anymore. We were going to dress up as bacon and eggs! (I was going to be a fried egg and he was a piece of bacon). I was going to make the costumes out of felt- super easy.
    I’ll have save it for next year. Feel free to steal if you need a “couples” idea!


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