Ketchup Sauce

Hey all! Things are ‘achanging around here–and I like it. I am here for you, so please ask me questions and let’s get rolling with some healthy, positive changes!


I sure do love bright colors, people, so that part of Fall I like. I mean have you seen my wedding pictures?! Full of color.

{Oh you haven’t –well here are some examples:}

Whoa, bright.

our families--decked out in color


Or have you checked out this website of mine here?! Full of color. I am most definitely a color gal.

Ketchup Sauce

Speaking of color. My food is usually pretty colorful too.

Especially when topped with ketchup sauce—-nice and bright red. 😉

boy do I love ketchup

Luckily there are health benefits to ketchup sauce, or else I would’ve been dead a long time ago. I am a ketchup sauce gal–I top it on almost any type of savory food : eggs, sweet potato fries (pictured), salmon, chicken, steamed veggies, grilled veggies, and tofu.

It is such a *kid’s food* I feel like, so whenever I ask for ketchup at a grown up event, I get this weird look…..Like, “um what is she 5?” Yes, maybe. But come on people, don’t ya’ll know it is made of vegetables?! <—picked up the y’all from Texas this past weekend 😉

Seriously, did you know that there are some nice, healthy perks to ketchup sauce? No? Well, let me share.

Ketchup Sauce Health Benefits

  • It is made up of tomatoes (duh!), vinegar, and spices.
  • There is some sugar in ketchup (or high fructose corn syrup)….choose the kinds with sugar—not HFCS–but if ketchup is not consumed too much, it is just fine. Trust me, there are MUCH more sugary foods we could be consuming that did not have the good nutrients ketchup brings along.
  • Ketchup sauce is made from cooked tomatoes –the cooking makes the antioxidant, lycopene, found in tomatoes, more bioavailable (meaning it is better for our bodies to take up/use)—and lycopene may  help prevent some cancers!
  • Yes there is salt in ketchup….but if you’re like me, I hardly eat any salty type foods otherwise (pretty much just when I eat chips & salsa!)–so just watch the amount used
  • Organic brands of ketchup may have 3 times more lycopene than generic brands

Well then, peachy, I’ll just keeping dribbling it on my chicken, steamed veggies, and sweet potato fries then!

I can taste the lycopene from here...

Have a great day friends—and don’t be shy, be sure to check around the site—it is new-ish, yes, and Fitness Perks, LLC is our name :) <—a play on my last name (Perkins)–fun,eh??

To find the blog, p.s., just click on the “blog” tab below the banner on the home page. Other pages are new and have information and products/services you might be interested in! After all, almost anyone could use some extra motivation, help, guidance, and coaching when it comes to an important aspect of our lives: health and wellness. Have fun checking it out! I am so excited to be able to share my passion, knowledge, expertise, and experience with all of you in a whole new, exciting way<—I didn’t go through it all just for me, ya know 😉

Are YOU a ketchup sauce fiend?! What is YOUR favorite food to eat ketchup with?? What do YOU love most about the new look of the site??

p.s. A very Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law Chris!! And to Kath!

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  1. AH! love fitness PERKS! so cute and so clever!! blog looks great! i like ketchup, but generally just with meat which i have been eating less of, so i can’t even tell you the last time i had it! thing i like most: fitness PERKS for sure! also i like the ask you a question and the search this website (which came in handy last night as i searched your whole wheat pumpkin loaf bread!) you rock!

    • Awwww thanks girl! Next step: all that other jazz to go along with it. Hah.

      Enjoy the pumpkin loaf bread!! And have a lovely day Linz :)

  2. i really love how your new blog looks, just sayin :)

    I love me some ketchup! my favorite thing to eat it with is probably eggs..i drench my poor eggs in ketchup, always have, always will.

    i also like mixing in a little mayo with my ketchup as a dipping sauce..not the healthiest thing in the world though, haha

    • Thanks!! I like it too–I gotta chase my dreams and share my passions with others, so this makes it much easier to do so.

      That is fry sauce–the mayo/ketchup thing! They do that in Utah….and when I went there for school I was like, what is THAT?! I don’t like mayo, or else it could be a cool concoction –glad you like it!

  3. I LOVE LOVE ketchup!! I put ketchup on everything I possibly can. My favorite thing to put ketchup on is potato wedges and breakfast potatoes – yum!

  4. Ketchup is from Cantonese. kay-z-up. It means tomato (kay) sauce (z-up) original, I know.

    love your new site!

    p.s. do you know much about pilaties?

    • whoa cool! I had NO idea. Glad you love the site—it feels good :)

      I do know a LOT about Pilates. What do you want to know??

  5. I am in love with this post! I pretty much am addicted to ketchup myself and have gotten in the habit of only eating foods that you can put ketchup on!


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