Dancing Salsa – In A New Way

Hello friends! I would’ve posted yesterday, but I was slammed at work on all fronts–probably the longest day of my life (and I was operating on little sleep because of the fabulous wedding weekend)–but I am back! Aren’t you just lucky 😉

And yes, the wedding weekend was fabulous. Totally awesome. Oh and I completely unplugged all weekend long too (except for the dead row post)!

me with the happy couple


Because it {the wedding} was in Texas, I ate chips and salsa every day. Have I ever mentioned I LOVE a good, hot salsa? Oh it is so delicious! That was pretty much the source of my veggies all weekend (plus a few carrots).


Salsa is actually very good for us because it is full of vegetables, fiber, nutrients, and spiciness that can satisfy any craving or hunger. It has also been shown that hotter foods can boost the metabolism slightly. Score!

I do like Mexican food, but I really love salsa (and good chips, not the nasty, cheap ones). After eating salsa all weekend long, you’d think I’d be really sick of it, but I wasn’t! When I really like something, I don’t get sick of it. Ever.


So like I promised, I tore it up on the dance floor at the wedding. I tried to bring sexy back….and I hope I succeeded 😉

And for me, dancing is one of my favorite things to do. So I never get sick of it. Ever. (Just like salsa!)

The dancing portion of the reception was 3 hours long, and I was the first guest on the dance floor, and the last one to leave at the end of the night. I took breaks when I didn’t like a song, or needed water (and cake ;)), but otherwise, I lived on that dance floor. As a fun side note: I also burned over 1,000 calories (more on how I know in a post this week<—stay tuned!)

the bride dancing for the camera

You’re probably wondering why I love dancing so much? I think it is because I feel so free, alive, and ME when I am dancing. It is the minutes and hours that I can truly be myself and I don’t care what anyone thinks or says about me.

I once had a beloved t-shirt that said “Dancing is life. Eat, sleep, dance.” And I kind of agree!

A New Appreciation For The Small Things

Maybe this is kind of crazy (and cheesy), but this weekend reminded me of the small things in life that really make me happy, make me smile, and make me feel ALIVE. Dancing, eating salsa, attending a beautiful wedding ceremony in a beautiful, holy place, and being with a long-time best friend (and meeting new, awesome friends) each fall into that category.

And then coming home to my husband topped the list, of course 😉

If any of you ever want to truly feel alive, pop in some of your favorite songs, and just dance! In your room, in your car, on a dance floor, in your closet, at a party, in a classroom, or in your shower. Just move and shake it!!

And feel alive.

I feel alive when I dance!

And then eat salsa after. You’ll be happier because you did these things, I promise.

I’m off to go seize the day and all that jazz. Have a fabulous day!

p.s. whoever named a type of dance, salsa, is now my new best friend–that was genius to put my two favorite things into one name!

What makes YOU feel alive?? Where do YOU usually dance?? Are YOU a wedding dance floor maniac too?! 

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  1. caroline says:

    I LOVE the heading of your blog. So sharp and so classy.
    Running, being outside makes me feel alive.
    I love dancing! And wedding dances are usually the best.

  2. Mmm I LOVE salsa too! I could eat it by the spoonful! Whenever there are chips and salsa sitting in front of me, I just want to keep eating them! They’re so addictingly delicious! :)

  3. i totally share your love for chips and salsa…soooo good, i’d say it makes my top 5 list on best combinations ever.

    well…if i was good at dancing, i’m sure i’d love it alot more. i’m so uncoordinated though that it isnt even funny…haha 😉

    • haha. But everyone can enjoy *some* dancing –no matter the coordination :)

      Whoever invented the salsa and chips combo is most definitely in the world’s most influential top 100 people! ha.


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