Focus On: Bent Over Dead Row

Happy weekend! It definitely is one to celebrate around here (I flew to TX) with one of my best friend’s getting married today!

the future bride-to-be!!

I know I will be on the dance floor all night long tonight πŸ˜‰

Bringing Sexy Back

When we were doing some final decorations yesterday, one of our friend’s blasted “Bringing Sexy Back,” so of course we all had to bust out some dance moves while setting up….and it got me thinking-why don’t we focus more on our sexy backs?!

Cheesy, right?


But so true. Before BodyPUMP became a huge part of my life, I totally avoided working my back. However, because of that class, and other on-my-own lifting, it is seriously awesome to have some tone and definition there.

Having a nice, toned back is only a few moves away. The bent over dead row is a fabulous move to define the muscles and bring out definition that might not’ve been possible otherwise. However, if the move is done incorrectly or poorly, we won’t be bringing any kind of sexy back! πŸ˜‰

Bent Over Dead Row

The dead row can be done with an underhand or overhand grip on a barbell or using dumbbells. Obviously from the name, you need to bend over from the waist to execute this move properly.

The proper form for a bent over dead row:

  • Tip at the hips, letting the knees bend, and sitting the butt back.
  • Bring the bar down toward knee level, and then row it up towards your belly button.
  • As you row it up, keep the elbows in and back.
  • Bring the bar back down toward the knees and stand up, rising through your heels.
  • Make sure to keep your core braced, so as not to hurt your lower back (no rounding!)


Avoid doing the following:

  • Tipping too far forward….this could hurt your knees (the knees should stay behind the toes, just like in squats and lunges)
  • Letting the shoulders round forward….if you keep them back and down, this activates the back muscles that you want to be working!
  • Tucking your chin–keep the chin in alignment with your neck (the guy in the pic is slightly tucking his—bad!)
  • Rounding through the spine…..abs tight to lock it in and protect the lower back <—check out the above picture and see how his back makes a straight (angled) line
  • Not squeezing the blades…..make sure to squeeze your blades together as your elbows go backwards

Remember, to work out muscles in our body to their best potentail, we need to think about what we’re working to activate those muscles. Just going through the motions just won’t cut it if you want to bring YOUR sexy back πŸ˜‰

Have a GREAT weekend!

What do YOU think–love the bent over dead row?? Ever see some serious issues with people doing this move in the gym?? Are you a dancer at weddings?!! <—-that is why I go πŸ˜‰ (kidding, sort of.)

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  1. caroline orien says:

    I LOVE dancing at weddings! Have fun busting a move by bringing sexy back.

  2. The bend over dead row and I have a love hate relationship πŸ˜‰ They hurt like hell the second round of reps but I love how strong I feel by the end…

    I HATE weddings. True story. But I’ve been known to bust a move in the past…I’m the worst dancer on the face of the earth or I much prefer my wallflower tactics!

    Have fun!

    • whatevs Katie, You do ZUmba, I bet you’re a great dancer!!

      Bent over dead rows WORK and that is why it is a love-hate relationship. Haha πŸ˜‰


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