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Happy Friday!

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pretty much sums it up--he's always helping me out!!

The saddest part of it all? I don’t think yesterday’s post got the attention it deserved :( So go check out some exercise inspirations to get your butt in gear! 😉

Oh, and another sad part, tons of pictures were lost/not updated (hello hours and hours of work!!)—so we’re (read:my husband is) working on that as well. I could have a really bad attitude about it all, but after crying for a bit, I realized it is not that big of a deal, and in the long run, switching to a better host will allow for speedier access for all of you and hopefully a better experience for all. Lesson learned : hard things in the short run can feel excruciating and painful, but the payoff in the end makes the suffering SO worth it

Flying Health

I am on my way to a best friend’s wedding in Texas (wahoo!) so here are a few tips to stay healthy while flying/traveling –enjoy!

  • Grab healthy food from home and stow in your purse to snack on later–delays and cancellations happen every day at airports! Don’t be left starving!

yes, dark chocolate is great! ;)

  • During longer flights, stand up every hour to either use the bathroom or stretch <—for those of us who have small bladders, this is not even a problem! (fun fact : on a flight from Switzerland to the U.S last year–9 hours–I went to the bathroom 10 times. No joke.)
  • Know all the safety guidelines in that front seat pocket! It is better to be prepared…..
  • Drink water like it’s your job. The air in airplanes is super dry (and it circulates) wreaking havoc on our systems and skin. Drink at least 8 ounces of water per every hour of a flight–and moisturize before and after. It is optional to use essential oils as well (but I always do!)
  • Dress comfortably. I am the girl that flies in either jeans or athletic pants. You will never see me in stilettos at an airport–because let’s be honest, that is the worst place to play runway!

last time I flew in September I wore jeans and a flowy orange shirt. Perfect. Just dress up your 'nice pjs' with earrings ;)

  • If eating in an airport, choose {healthy} foods you’d normally eat–you will feel much better when sitting for hours with that food in your tummy, especially since those foods tend to be high water-dense foods (i.e. fruits/veggies)
  • Don’t take my armrest or the aisle seat and we’ll all stay happy 😉 (these are health staples for me, in case you’re wondering! hah)
  • Walk around the airport instead of sitting and waiting IF you have time. It burns that extra energy (ie. calories), and you might be able to take a nap easier once you sit. Score!

Have a lovely Friday!

What are YOUR healthy flying tips?? Any fun Friday plans??

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  1. caroline says:

    Have fun on your trip!!!!!
    I agree- drinking water is necessary, I hate feeling all dried up after a flight. My Friday night plans… I work =)

  2. These are great tips!! I have an incredibly small bladder too, so walking to the bathroom is never an issue! My husband tells me I have a gerbil bladder. :) Have a fun time at the wedding!! I love weddings!

  3. I love your tip “dress up your fav pjs with earrings” love it! =) Have fun in Texas!!

  4. WHERE did you find Sunbutter packets?? I’ve been looking for those everywhere! I always bring Justin’s almond butter packets when I travel, but Sunflower butter would be even better…
    I always pack of ton of healthy foods when we fly. My husband thinks I’m nuts, but is always thankful that is wife is so type A and prepared when he gets hungry in the middle of a flight!

    • Is it bad that I got the packets from my mom’s pantry?!! I think they were given to her from leftovers of a campout. I bed you could find them on though!!

      Girl–you are a smart woman to pack healthy food–I totally understand and AGREE :)


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