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I am off to teach some Zumba–while still sore from yesterday night’s class (BodyPUMP-release 79 is SO hard! AHhhh!). We’ll see how this goes….

Lunch Time

As I’ve mentioned before, I do not love lunch. I like the break (duh!) for mental purposes, but I never know what I want to eat until right before I am really hungry….so sometimes my lunches are only subpar. And sometimes they are so random! And sometimes, they come in 2 or 3 parts spread throughout the afternoon!

Well, to help those of us who struggle with this *lunch problem*, I’ve compiled some recent foods for lunch (that I’ve had) to show/display to you.

Maybe you’ll have a craving today for one of them?

*HUGE request, no laughing or making fun of my crazy concoctions, alright? 😉

Foods For Lunch

Exhibit A-Loaded With Veggies Lunch

loaded with veggies

To make:

  • pop a frozen veggie burger patty into the microwave (or oven)
  • toast some whole wheat bread
  • load a plate with hummus and veggies
  • top the bread with more hummus, veggie patty, and spinach
  • Enjoy!

Exhibit B-Random Shrimp and Potato Mix Lunch

shrimp and sweet potato

To make:

  • reheat a baked sweet potato and top with 1 Laughing Cow cheese wedge
  • plate a side salad of spinach, Panera Poppyseed, cooked shrimp<—-pan sear in a pan with spices
  • smush the cheese in, and add nuts to the salad
  • so random, yet OH so delish!

see the smushed cheese and added nuts? totally necessary

Exhibit C-Spinach, Carrot, & Turkey Wrap

roll up and enjoy!

To make:

  • grab a wrap and spread with 1 wedge Laughing Cow cheese
  • top it with spinach, sliced carrots, and sliced deli turkey
  • roll up and enjoy (within 3 minutes of starting the prep!!)

Exhibit D-Side Tofu Salad + Leftover Veggie Pizza

leftover pizza + salad, yes please!

To make:

  • top spinach with some goat cheese and baked tofu
  • reheat a veggie pizza slice and top with some more tofu (if desired)
  • add sauce/nuts/grapes to salad
  • enjoy this simple meal!

side salads can be sponsored by Panera ;)

Not only is compiling your foods for lunch at home easier, faster, and cheaper, it is usually much, MUCH healthier than most store bought, fast food, or restaurant items. Home cooked meals never taste so good as they do from a tupperware at work (or at home-that works too!)! Foods for lunch can come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties–and can really make or break a day!

Sometimes though….you gotta go with:

Exhibit E-The Much Needed Fro Yo

some very rare days this is BEST for lunch....


Sort of.

I mean with all those chocolate benefits that we discussed yesterday, we’ve gotta get our fix somewhere!

In all seriousness, lunch can be a tasty time–especially with leftovers. My easy tricks are:

  1. Make more at dinner so you can put the extras in the fridge to have on hand as foods for lunch.
  2. Make lunch the night before.
  3. Think about the 3 mains (carbs, protein, fats) and grab an item for each. <—this can be a very random but yummy way to get ‘er all in!
  4. Dump nutritional yeast on anything and call it good. (Not kidding here) :)
  5. Always have raw veggies and fruits on hand, as add-in foods for lunch.
  6. Never get TOO hungry for lunch…or else things could get ugly! (I promise!)

Have a LOVELY Friday!

Which of the above foods for lunch exhibits are YOU most excited to try?? Any of YOU have any fun lunch combos to share?? What are YOUR Friday plans??

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  1. I really need to make or buy some hummus. I think it’ll help me with my veggie consumption. Lately I’ve been burnt out on salads, and carrots, broccoli, etc. bore me by themselves. Any hummus favorites that you have? (i.e. brands, flavors) These are great ideas! Sometimes I make a savory breakfast for lunch that includes an egg scramble with mixed in veggies and a side of homemade breakfast potatoes. Easy and delicious! I could have breakfast any time of day!

    • I LOVE Trader Joe’s cilantro hummus. It is to die for! (if you like cilantro). I really love Sunflower Market’s hummuses (hummus-ies?!) as well– garlic, roasted red pepper, and original are all yummy. I don’t really love the Sabra kinds….but that may be me. I love pesto hummus as well. Hummus is really easy to make : chickpeas, water, some oil, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, and any add ins —blend away!

      That b-fast sounds delish! I love eggs :)

  2. Your eats look so good! I eat so naughty compared to you – this is a good kick in the butt!

  3. Alicia Baer says:

    Can you just make my lunch everyday!? Great! Thanks!

  4. Yumm! I was thinking about eating lunch later in the day today…but after this…I’m headed to the fridge!

  5. Lauren @ oatmeal after spinning says:

    Dark chocolate all the way! I will actually usually turn down milk chocolate! Except M&ms….
    Have a great weekend girl! I’m still sore from doing Body Pump Wednesday!

  6. EVERYTHING here looks amazing!!! I especially loved reading about the Spinach, Carrot, & Turkey Wrap. I want to try it for lunch soon! Plus, I can’t believe how quickly you prepare it. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes!



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