Chocolate Benefits + Thankful Thursday

My, this week is flying by! And it’s been quite the ride.

First of all, so sorry about all the server issues-as you might’ve noticed we’re doing some changes and have had minor issues with the site, but it should be sorted out soon! Keep being patient (as I am trying to be ;)) the final result is going to be rockin’! And will offer some great services and products (with the blog always attached-no worries there).

Second of all, on to some VERY important stuff…..

….Chocolate benefits stuff, that is.

This topic is quite simple really…..chocolate benefits……EVERYONE! Hehe.


Chocolate Benefits

On a more serious note, there really are many chocolate benefits to be discussed. Some are health related and others are more emotional related (ifyouknowwhatImean)–but in reality, chocolate is good for the soul. (I have chocolate pulsing through my veins because I am 75% Swiss… I know it’s good for us ;))

Chocolate is cultivated from the cacao tree, and has been used for centuries as food, offerings to the gods, in beverages, and even as a form of a tax to some earlier, conquering civilizations. Chocolate has become widely used and eaten in all different forms all over the world, especially once it became available as a solid bar –thanks to John Cadbury’s discovering a special emulsification process. (source)

True chocolate (aka cacao beans) tastes bitter, but after a fermenting process that includes drying, cleaning, roasting, and shelling, the cocoa mass can become almost anything : unsweetened baking chocolate, chocolate chips, candy bars, cocoa butter, chocolate ice cream, cocoa solids, chocolate drink mix, holiday chocolates, etc.!

or around ice cream bars...tasty!

The reasons why dark chocolate has been linked to good health are the following:

  • chocolate comes from seeds of a tree/plant….making its origin a plant food!
  • dark chocolate does contain antioxidants –which are like little cancer fighting particles–and high levels of antioxidants have been linked to reduced risk of some cancers
  • uhhh dark chocolate is delicious!! <—-soooo scientific, I know
  • dark chocolate does not contain as much added sugar and/or other artificial flavorings/chemicals as other chocolate (i.e. milk or white), making it more of a whole food and less of a processed food
  • a decent dark chocolate consumption (1 oz per day) has been linked to a reduction in heart disease rates
  • dark chocolate goes well with almonds——that should be enough reason to eat it, right?!
  • the darker (or higher the percentage is) the ‘healthier,’ or closer to its original form the chocolate is
  • dark chocolate has been shown to significantly reduce cardiovascular disease risk!
  • lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels have been linked to dark chocolate (in normal weight and obese adults)
  • dark chocolate can make anyone happy….. especially during a certain time of month<——my own research 😉
  • dark chocolate can be drunk in a cup during the Fall–I sure do love a hot cup of hot cocoa!

As you can see, the studies and research done on dark chocolate are quite varied! A lot of the studies do have some confounding factors that could’ve messed up the results, but in my opinion, because dark chocolate (and all chocolate) come from a plant, all the MORE reason to consume it!

easy to consume when in drink form!

{However, chocolate benefits do go bye-bye when we eat more than our bodies need. Chocolate in any form has some sugar, fat, and calories–so eating a moderate amount is crucial if health benefits are desired! Most recommendations say about 1 ounce of dark chocolate per day is best (this clocks in at about 240 calories, 12-18 grams of fat), and any more might reverse the health benefits seen.}

All I can say in terms of health : go for the dark stuff, enjoy the milk stuff occasionally, and avoid the white stuff <—it isn’t even chocolate, really!

And when the certain week hits during the month, all bets are off 😉 Sorta kidding, but did you know that our bodies do really crave sugary, carby, fatty foods during that time? And because chocolate contains all of that and makes us feel good when we eat it, our bodies seriously crave it?! Crazy, right!? If we listen up, those bodies do tell us what he/she needs.

we women know what we want to eat, if we listen up! :)

And with that, I am off to teach some Zumba—I’ve got a new salsa (dance) for them!

p.s. I did eat dark chocolate last night, by the way, and it was PERFECT. It always manages to satisfy my sweet tooth in such a great, indulgent way without overdoing the sweetness. I think I might be in love…. 😉

Thankful Thursday

  1. I am thankful for water because it totally quenches my thirst!
  2. I am super grateful for crunchy grapes.
  3. And I am very thankful for dark chocolate.

Are YOU a dark chocolate fan?? Did any of these findings surprise YOU??! What is YOUR favorite kind of chocolate?? What are YOU thankful for today??

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  1. this is my kind of post!! :) I love dark chocolate, especially with almonds! there is also a really good lindt dark chocolate bar that has a hint of chili in it…its soooo delicious. speaking of which I think i’ll need to pick one of those up soon 😉

    I am thankful for water also, because i chug it by the gallon everyday and it always makes me feel good. I am grateful for roasted veggies, because I want to eat a skyhigh plate of them all the time. and i am very very thankful for running, because it makes me happy!

    • my kinda gal : dark chocolate + almonds = thebombdotcom baby!!

      mmmm roasted veggies….that might have to happen soon around here 😉

  2. caroline says:

    I’ve learned to enjoy dark chocolate but I don’t eat it by itself. It has to be with something. (Like in cookies! haha)

    I am grateful for beautiful fall weather, crunchy leaves, and honeycrisp apples.

  3. Love dark chocolate!!

  4. Great post – I won’t complain one bit that chocolate is shown to be good for the soul! :) I LOVE dark chocolate. Lately I’ve been trying to only eat one piece of Dove dark chocolate after dinner to satisfy my sweet cravings rather than ice cream or some other more decadent dessert. So far, it’s done the trick! It’s amazing how great that stuff can satisfy you!

    • I agree-dark chocolate is the best and can satisfy anyone’s crazy sweet tooth :) Nice work on the reducing ice cream intake….it feels good to be in control, ya know?!


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