BodyPUMP Release 79 Review

Oh baby, it is a NEW week, and boy is it gonna be good!

If this weekend is any indication, this week in BodyPUMP is going to blow everyone away. Release 79 is simply fantastic, hard core, and powerful. It will change anyone’s body who does it consistently over the next few weeks!

Research shows that the body adapts over time to movements, exercises, and workouts–meaning the body works more efficiently and ends up burning less calories when the same workouts are done week after week after week. This means that to keep on making fitness improvements, meet weight loss or body fat goals, and ultimately change the body we need to switch up what we do every few weeks (between 4-8 weeks).

release 79!

Hence the releases of BodyPUMP. Les Mills BodyPUMP releases a new release 4 times each year. After the release is launched (like it was on Saturday at the gym I teach at) the release is taught in its entirety for 3 straight weeks (allowing people to get the moves down, start to get used to it, and maybe even add weight to some tracks), and then once those 3 weeks are up, the teacher can then mix and match tracks from previous releases, giving the participants a brand “new” workout every single class!

And THAT is why BodyPUMP will change the shape, look, and feel of your body!

BodyPUMP Release 79 Review

Track 1 – Warmup. Song: “Higher” Lightest weight of the class on the bar for this one, just so the body gets used to lifting a bit of weight. This also allows the body to warm up and prepares the body for hard work to come, and reduces the risk of injury. This track has a great, fun feel to it, and makes me want to work harder and ‘higher’ for the rest of the class. My weight selection: 25 lbs. <—weight listed does not include weight of the bar (1-2 lbs.)

Track 2 – Squats. Song: “Closer To The Edge” Heaviest weight of the class goes on the bar for the legs because the legs are one of the largest muscle groups in the body! This squats track is killer because it uses timing differently to lift the heart rate (increasing the rate of calories burned), load the legs, and activate the muscles in a whole new way. I really like this track because it is SO powerful! And long (6 minutes!!) And really hard. But because I like hard things, this one is a keeper in my book :) My weight selection: 55 lbs.

Track 3 – Chest. Song: “Party All Night (Sleep All Day)” Probably my favorite track of the entire release because the song is super fun, the sets are really long, and this track makes me wanna dance and sing along! I am a huge fan of uplifting beats, great lyrics, and good moves–and this one delivers. This is a long chest press track (over 5 minutes!) so it was very challenging to keep my form and still lift the heavy weight for so long–but with 1 short break that is in the track, I was able to do it…but barely! My weight selection: 30 lbs.

Track 4 – Back. Song: “Written In The Stars” Holy moly. This track delivers a major challenge to the mid-upper back and the hamstrings because there is a new grip involved. I love when Les Mills brings out new moves/grips because the ‘newness’ forces the body to move in a slightly different way, delivering results faster! I definitely felt it while lifting, that my back was being W.O.R.K.E.D. It was awesome. My weight selection: 40 lbs.

I get to learn a whole lot of choreography....

Track 5 – Triceps. Song: “Born This Way” Thankfully after those killer tracks beforehand we get to head into the smaller muscle groups! This track, though, had my triceps burnin like I’ve never felt before. The track involved triceps extensions (wahoo!), tons of dips with holds and some more triceps extensions. I thought my arms were going to fall off–but it hurt SO good! This track is long as well–5 minutes, whew! My weight selection: 30 lbs. for the 1st two sets (on the bar) & 15 lbs for the dips (plates on my lap) & for seated triceps extensions.

Track 6 – Biceps. Song: “Livin’ On A Prayer” This one is SO fun. It is short(er), sweet, and to the burnin’ point! There is only 1 short recovery, so like before, this one had my arms screaming for mercy. The track involves a lot of biceps curls….a LOT. But the tempos allow for good work to happen, strong muscles to be built, and for some extra singing along…it is a fun/hard one! My weight selection: 25 lbs.

Track 7 – Lunges. Song: “Grenade” Holy legs! There is no recovery in this entire song of over 5 minutes and it is pretty much a few squats, then lots of lunges using different tempos, back to squats, back to lunges, back to squats, then lunges, and more lunges. Killer I tell ya! For newer BodyPUMPers it is important to use chest weight so as to correctly get the form and movements—those that are ‘experienced’ Pumpers can do normal back or even lunge weight. I like how this track also kills the glutes. Hurts so good! My weight selection: 40 lbs.

Track 8 – Shoulders. Song: “J’Adore Hardcore” This song is very hardcore. It has a new move : the standing rear deltoid raise (with plates), which targets the deltoids (duh!) and the upper back and shoulder girdle. Pretty much means it is a great move to target a few different muscles all at once—more bang for your buck! This track has lots of pushups as well (my fav…..I say this to help make it more my favorite. Hehe!) Also, for this track more weight can be added to the bar because it is such a short set of reps with the bar. Felt it nice and good in my shoulders! My weight selection: 30 lbs. on the bar, 5/10 lbs. plates (I switched off depending on the set)

hardcore....? With a smile ;)

Track 9 – Abdominals. Song: “We’ll Be Alright” Wow, this ab track is hard! It has a bunch of crunches with a plate, oblique crunches, plank holds, side plank holds, and rotating plank holds. HARD. My entire midsection was on fire, and the song is only 3 minutes 23 seconds. Goes to show that for abdominal moves quantity is much more important than quality! This is a track I really like! My weight selection: 10 lbs. (1 plate to hold during crunches)

Track 10 – Cooldown. Song: “The Crow & The Butterfly” Of course a great track because we get to streeeeettccchh all those muscles we just worked. Don’t love the music selection, but love the time to stretch. No weight selection here—just need a body to stretch it totally out!

My Reactions to Release 79

Overall this is an awesome release with great music, challenging moves, and some really intense innovations. I was literally dripping with sweat throughout the entire class….and it was gross. Yes. But I was working hard out there! Heh.

I would say that the squats track could’ve used some more varying tempos in it, but it was much easier to learn the track since there were only a few tempos to memorize!  I also don’t love the song choice for the lunges (don’t love the song) or the cooldown, but both are bearable.

Learnin' all about the tempos in my little book

I do love BodyPUMP because it makes me feel strong, confident, and hardcore! And it is a way to completely fatigue the muscles, making them stronger–and making US fitter, healthier, and yes, sexier 😉 Now you know why I talk about it all the time (oh yah, and because it is my job to teach and talk about it….:))

It is a hard class, but weight selection can be chosen depending on activity levels–(see more in my weight selection post)– so no need to be afraid to try it out! Like I mentioned before, the muscles need to be fatigued consistently, so attending BodyPUMP or lifting weights 2-3x per week is a great plan for anyone (but listen to your doctor if you have specific exercise needs!)

I am excited to go teach the release to my Monday PUMPers…. can’t wait to see their reactions! And with that, I am off!

Which of these tracks would YOU most like to try out?? Have YOU tried a BodyPUMP class–what did YOU think??

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  1. Lady Gaga and lots of sweating? Maybe I should go back to Body Pump.

  2. I have yet to try Les Mils stuff but I know my sister has loved it and a couple other bloggers that teach/take classes. I’d love to teach as well, How did you become certified to teach?

    I think I’d like the Grenade one- I’m hard core too!

    • I love hearing that you’re hard core too! Wahoo :) Les Mills stuff would probably be right down your alley then!

      I started going to Group X classes….loving them, and decided to teach. I practiced tons, got my Zumba teaching cert, and then applied at a gym and was accepted (this was about 2 years of time). Then through the gym I got certified to teach Les Mills BodyPUMP (it is super expensive if you do it on your gym, but through the gym I got a discount). Pretty much I worked hard, wanted it, and went for it! If you love it, you will succeed–promise!

  3. caroline says:

    its time for you to move to Iowa and teach body pump here. PLEASE?

    I love body pump- just wish it was at my gym =)

    • sounds like a plan…..

      ….now let me go talk to the husband 😉 Hehe. Come visit me and do it here too asap!!! pretty please!!

  4. Yikes, that sounds intense! You are very motivating Annette!


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  3. […] just needed a change and started lifting free-weights instead and doing my own thing. After reading Annette’s post about the new release, something just made me want to go back. So, I’m taking a class today […]

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