Week Exhaustion

Good Morning! The weekend has arrived.

good morn'!

Hallelujah! I have never been so excited for the weekend :)

What are you all up to this weekend? I am off to the BodyPUMP launch for release 79 now, so I am going to leave ya’ll with some fun pictures from this exhausting week–there is truly beauty in life, no matter how busy it is!

1. Fall is arriving. (And I am slowly getting over my mourning stage of Summer time….)

changing colors!

2. I love cooked carrots. I forgot this fact. But I remembered that fact this week!

cooked carrots aren't super photogenic...

Gotta get my high water-dense foods in, ya know?! :)

3. I can work outside fully clothed now (instead of a swimsuit, silly!)–it isn’t too hot or too cold. Woot!

why hello no makeup face

{those dark circles under my eyes are from not getting enough sleep this week. boo}

4. Quinoa is a great food. I have been eating it all.the.time.


{I love sweet potato fries —with ketchup!!– right now too!)

5. Seeing deer hang out in the neighborhood!

deer in the neighborhood!

{I almost hit them on my way to the gym to teach…..they ran across the road right after I took this picture!}

6. Kissing this guy. I will never ever get sick of him. He is totally my best friend! And he makes me want to be better. Luckily I get him for eternity!

throwback: 2 years ago --the week we started dating!

{his hair was straightened with a flat iron that day, back when he had longer curly hair–oh and we just celebrated our first date-versary <—our 1st date was October 6, 2009!)

The week is done, and it was fabulous, but very exhausting (BUT, there were still some beauties to be found among the stress!). However, luckily next week is a tad less stressful–and this weekend is already shaping up to be a good one. I’ll be back with a review of BodyPUMP release 79!

Happy WEEKEND to you all!

What were some of YOUR week’s happenings?? Anything new and exciting in YOUR life?? What workout are YOU doing this weekend??

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  1. I just recently was reminded of how much I love cooked carrots too! My husband requested them for dinner when I couldn’t decide which veggie to cook, and I was like, “How come I don’t serve carrots more often?!” I love sweet potato fries too! Mmm!

    • haha. NICE. My husband actually doesn’t love cooked carrots, so maybe that is why I forgot about ’em? But they ROCK!

      Have a lovely weekend Ash!

  2. caroline says:

    What a gorgeous morning! I LOVE fall. Hopefully you get more sleep this next week.

    For workout this morning I ran 7 miles. wahoo!

  3. Hi! I just found your blog through another blog and can’t wait to read more!

    It’s funny because I posted a pic of fall leaves (love them!) and a pic with no make-up on my blog this morning too!

  4. I want to try BodyPump so bad but am TOTALLY intimidated!!! Can’t wait to hear the review.

    • awww girl don’t be!! It is super fun! And anyone can do it, just tell the instructor you’re new and she/he’ll help you out!

      The review is comin’ tomorrow-a.m.!

  5. omg that is the prettiest morning picture i’ve ever seen! lol seriously! and i totally agree about the cooked carrots… haha but they taste so good cooked 😀

  6. So glad you didn’t hit the deer {for your sake}!

    Thank you for sharing the pics. Love the autumn colors that come into play!

    • I am glad I didn’t hit them too! haha. I LOVE the Fall colors too :) It is a redeeming quality of it (I am a Summer gal for sure!)



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