Get In The Zone + Thankful Thursday

Why hello there!

Anyone feel a boost of confidence after yesterday’s chat? :) I sure did realize how grateful I am for all my experiences (the good and the bad) and the people who surround, support, and love me.

squeeze if you love me!

With all that wonderful mushy gooey stuff being said, let’s get to the nitty gritty.

More like *the zone*

Get In The Zone

It depends on what activity, physical exercise, or fitness class we’re talking about, and each may have a different name for *the zone* but most everyone knows what a runner means when he/she says she felt ‘the runner’s high,’ or any Zumba-er will know what you mean when you say you are feeling the ‘Zumba glow.’

These terms pretty much mean that person got in the zone and felt like he/she could accomplish and do anything. But like they say, it is almost unexplainable to describe the amazing feeling when reaching that *zone*—-so I am not really going to try.

Some days are easier than others to get in the zone and really feel an ‘awesome’ workout/race/class, but it is attainable, possible, and can happen on any day.

some days I just want to play on my exercise ball....;)

For example, I awoke really tired the other day. I was slightly sore, had not gotten enough sleep (aka less than my usual 9-10 hours), and had a HIIT cardio workout planned (I have certain goals I want to reach, you see). Yikes. That sounded really awful to me. So I did what any normal person would do…..I got up, got my clothes on, and told myself I would only ‘have’ to do 10 minutes of it and then I could do yoga until shower time.

And you know what, after like 3 minutes, I was feelin’ it and kept going! I actually enjoyed it so much I ended up alternating my HIIT cardio intervals (on the treadmill) with the P90X plyometrics DVD section (TV is right by the treadmill). It was a great 45 minute workout! I was a sweaty mess, and I ended it with about 10 mins of some yoga stretching and poses.

This example goes to show that to get in the zone you just have to DO IT. (I’ll say it again, whoever coined that phrase at Nike is a genius!)

To Get In The Zone Tips

  • Lay out the clothes the night before, or put them in the car (for after-work workouts)
  • If it ain’t happening, assess the situation and decide if it is a body hurtin’ thing, or your mind tellin’ ya to be lazy…..if it is just the mind, then JUST DO IT
  • Smile during the workout <—-proven to help πŸ˜‰
  • Do workouts YOU enjoy, not just the ones told to you or written about bloggers or even your health heroes.
  • If you hate a workout you might never feel *the zone*. But then again, there might just need to be an attitude adjustment!
  • Use some fitness or exercise motivations and mantras to get going, and then let the endorphins run wild!
  • Make a game plan, set SMART goals, and enlist a friend/spouse’s help
  • Practice makes perfect……
  • Write, blog, or tell someone about a time you felt Β like you were in *the zone*–it’ll make you want that experience all over again!

Call me crazy, but after feeling that endorphin rush I really felt no soreness or pain for a little while…..It is amazing what those little peptides-acting-as-neurotransmitters can do to a person’s day, outlook on life, and sense of confidence!

can do anything in the zone!

If you have no clue what I am talking about, head out to your favorite physical activity and just let it fly (aka run like it’s your job, dance like no one is watching<–I do this all.the.time., or swim like an Olympian would train), and you will get in the zone soon enough….promise :)

Thankful Thursday

  1. Like I mentioned above, I am thankful for my amazing supporters : husband, family, friends, you guys.
  2. I am grateful for the public library (I’ve been reading so many good books!)
  3. I am thankful for my faith–it gives me purpose, meaning, strength, wisdom, and a whole lot of answers to life’s questions!

When was the last time YOU were *in the zone*?? What were YOU doing, and was it just fabulous?? What are YOU thankful for this lovely Fall morning??

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  1. I LOVE that feeling of getting in the zone while working out! You’re right, you just have to go DO IT if you’re not feeling motivated.

    I’m thankful for my husband and the rain that’s been here the last couple days!

    • We haven’t had rain in like 3 weeks….I am loving the sunshine :)

      Today I just DID it….and went and taught Zumba, even though I was tired as all get out. ANd had a blast! Woot.

  2. I was totally in the zone during my run last night! Its funny because all day long I was kind of dreading it..I felt sore, I wasnt sure if my legs were really going to be up for it…but i always say to myself, there have been RARE times where I have regretted a run or a workout. :)

  3. I was completely in the zone for my hour of yoga after work yesterday. Seriously, when I was done, I forgot where I was for a moment!

    I’m super thankful for the amazing weather we’re having in DC and the fact that I can have a nice long run after work today and not freeze or sweat to death!

  4. Awesome workout tips and awesome workout, Annette! I love getting into the workout zone – SUCH a great feeling!


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