How To Boost Confidence

Um, I definitely had another one of these today for breakfast:

apparently I can't wait to take pics of my food....

OH so good! By the way the waffle recipe is super duper simple to whip up. Nothing is keepin’ ya back!


My husband once told me when we were dating that he was attracted to me because of my confidence. He said he always went for the ladies who were confident, assured, and gave off a vibe that they didn’t really *need* anyone… when he met me he felt that, and BAM, went after me.

This is hilarious to me because yes, I consider myself a confident person SOMEtimes, but no, I wouldn’t say I am always confident in real life ALL the time. (As a side note, at that time I had ‘sworn’ off all men because I was concentrating on writing and researching for my Master’s thesis and was *too busy* for dating—so I guess that could be confused with playing hard to get??)

the week after we started dating --Oct, 09'

We chatted about this the other day because I mentioned a friend to him who struggles with confidence but wants to find and date a really good guy. I sought out my husband for advice (guys know how other guys think, trust me! I don’t think I could ever truly understand what goes on up there. Hah), and we got on this wildly interesting topic of confidence.

I believe that confidence comes from knowing and/or being certain that a specific outcome, goal, or course of action is correct and right. 

Confidence In Fitness Terms

So if that is true, then knowing and experiencing that exercising, eating right, and taking care of our health and bodies brings us joy, happiness, and makes us feel good, is ultimately the confidence boost we’re getting!

Crazy, right?? Being FIT can help boost our confidence because we are practicing every day the wonderful healthy changes that make us healthy. We work on it because we KNOW it is what’s making us happier, healthier, and helping us reach our goals. That knowledge and practice is what makes us feel and BE confident.

gettin' fit

And you know what? That confidence spreads out into other areas of life. I know this because I have experienced it for myself. Like I mentioned the other day, I don’t really focus much on how much I weigh or what ‘size’ I am per say, but more so how FIT I am. For example:

  • How far and fast can I run?
  • How many pounds can I pile on my bar at BodyPUMP?
  • How quickly can I move to the other side of the room while teaching Zumba?
  • How often do I have to ask for help to move something heavy (never! 😉 )
  • How deeply can I get into a stretch in Yoga?
  • How hard would someone have to hit me in my stomach for me to feel it because of all those muscle layers? 😉
  • How much longer can I push a HIIT workout before dying?

As I’ve begun to focus more on what I CAN do instead of what I can’t do (or what I am not), I feel like I have become a much more confident person. I truly believe anyone can experience this… of course, here are my tips!

How To Boost Confidence

  • If you’re a newbie exerciser/healthy eater, WELCOME! Small steps each day make for great returns.
  • Each day remind yourself what you can do.
  • Fake it til’ you make it <—-genius concept, really!
  • Ask for help when you really don’t know how to do something, but don’t do it in a whiny voice.
  • Do something really hard
  • Have a little *me* time to rejuvenate/relax/meditate/exercise each day.
  • Focus on living a healthy life…..not someone else’s life.
  • Walk everywhere with your head straight (chin horizontal to the ground) and with a slight smile on your face. <—this boosts confidence immediately!
  • Feed your body with whole foods–nothing spells disaster like a cheeseburger and fries!
  • GET FIT. (More details to come if you want my help :)) <—-be on the lookout for changes to the website this month–there will still be this blog attached that you can access!
  • Keep your really great friends, and say adios to the ones that bring you down.
  • De-clutter, dejunk, and give away stuff that you do not use or need.
  • Remember every day that you are beautiful!!

I am of course very grateful for a husband as well who loves me for who I am, and who does not ever judge me or the things I do. That is a HUGE confidence booster–he is truly the best!

wedding day-best day of my life!

{Seriously, If you can find a spouse or even a best friend who is genuinely, truly there for you and would never look down upon you, you just got yourself the answer to how to boost confidence, in the bag :)}

Have a fabulous mid-week!

What do YOU do in answer to how to boost confidence?? Any tips for those looking for some more confidence??

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  1. i read this as i ate a donut. :-/ ahhhhh stupid random food that’s always available at school! i LOVE wearing sweats… the minute i get home, i take off my work clothes and put on sweats. i don’t like to get dressed unless i really have to. running a quick errand? sweats. grocery store? sweats. however, whenever i do get dressed and spend an extra minute or two on my hair/make-up/outfit… i always feel better about myself and WAY more confident! yes, there are some days where sweats just win… but when i need an extra pick me up, i force myself to get dressed and look cute. :)

    • Haha. random food is the worst….totally throws off the groove, ya know?!

      SO true about clothes. Since I work at home or at the gym, I have NO need for good/nice clothes (except for church)….so this one is definitely a TIP I am going to use a lot. Thanks girl!

      P.s. you always always look so cute, so I am not so sure what you’re talking about….

  2. Love the tips on boosting confidence- I know quite a few people that need that list!

    Man, you keep posting these waffle photos and it makes me want to go buy a waffle maker. I know they’re pretty inexpensive, but I’m worried that it would just end up being one of those things that I would use once or twice and then would just gather dust in my cabinet.

    Do you really use it that often or do you go in phases?

    • Sorry about posting all the waffle photos 😉 I LOVE my waffle maker–we received it as a wedding gift, and I use it quite a bit. It makes good, fluffy waffles. My husband loves waffles more than pancakes though, so it is easily the best weekend b-fast for us. We use it at least 4x per month….if not more! Plus, you can make ’em, and then freeze the waffles instead of buying the ooober expensive ones from the store.

      Just a thought :) But do what YOU want to do of course!

  3. caroline says:

    When I am not feeling very confident I make of a list of goals that I want to accomplish and then start working on them. I also talk to my husband because he is my biggest support.

    • oooooh that is a good one. List making!!

      Yes, having a rockin’ husband is the bombdotcom :)Glad you know what I am talkin’ about!

  4. I just found your blog and love it! What a great post – love your list of confidence boosters!

    I totally agree and believe that surrounding yourself with people who believe in you is always a great confidence boost. I’m also a big fan of the “fake it til you make it” philosophy. I’ve used it on many, many occasions! :)

    • yes, the fake it til’ you make it is a keeper for sure < ---has helped me tons :)

      Glad you *stopped* by! Have a lovely day!



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