Do What You Love

Pretty sure that was an incredible weekend (of course it was, it started with some BodyPUMP action!) It was everything I could’ve asked for! How was yours?

Do What You Love

Fitness and working out are my business, my life, my passion, and I have given my sweat, tears, and blood for it all. But it wasn’t always like that. Once upon a time I worked out because I felt like I had to. I did it to be a certain size, to weigh a certain amount, and to look a specific way. It was not fun. Not at all.

(during one of my ‘back then/struggle’ times….posing with food then too! Such a cool cake….)


Fast forward to NOW. I LOVE working out. I do it because I love it. I do what I love, and I do it because it makes me feel good. And I could really care less about weighing a certain amount <—-really, all I care about is how I feel.

In case you care, I usually ‘measure’ it all by percent of body fat, how much I can lift during BodYPUMP, how far/fast I can run, how easily I can teach a Zumba class, and of course, how my clothes fit {my husband wouldn’t love it if I had to buy a new wardrobe all the time, ya know 😉 }

I definitely do NOT do what those magazines, diets, and crazy fads would tell ya how to *measure* nowadays.

Trust me, you do not have to look a certain way, love a certain sport (I sometimes hate running–just putting it out there. And I hate TurboKick. Oh and I don’t looooove spin classes either. Ahhh, I feel better!), or even look like your best friend, neighbor, or sister.

In fact, how about we just be ourselves. Love ourselves. And do what WE love to do.

boy do I love teaching Zumba!

That is so liberating to just throw that out there.

Realize YOUR Potential

When I coach people (be excited, it is right around the corner where you can have that too!), I try and help them realize THEIR potential. Not somebody else’s. You see, we were each created differently. We each have different likes, dislikes, loves, traits, personalities, sizes, shapes, colors, and languages. Which is a really good thing, because I am pretty sure if there were tons of me we’d all go crazy. And vice versa 😉

We were made that way. To each HER OWN.

So this week, concentrate on this celebrating YOU. Love yourself. Free yourself from this constant *wanting to be like someone else.*

And for the record: first of all, your *someone else’s* life is not perfect, even though it may “seem” like it, and second of all, you’d probably hate life because it would not be YOU.

God (I believe that is who created us) knew what He was doing. So let’s trust Him, eh?

live YOUR life, not someone else's

Have a LOVELY Monday! {be back tomorrow with some, ya know, *lighter fare* 😉 }

What do YOU really love to do–for a workout, for life, for charities, etc?? What is ONE thing you’ve come to understand recently and want to share with the class??

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  1. Great encouragement and advice – as always! :)

  2. Love the before/after pics (the cake is cool too). Now that I have got the weight down, its about tracking my exercise routine vs the previous food & exercise tracking. And I know if I feel good or not. If its a not, its hit the gym for me. Or go play outside.

    Very inspirational post!


  1. […] point is this : KICK it up a notch in whatever fitness area YOU most want to work on and would be fun to do for YOU (not for your friend, trainer, or me. This IS all about you). ready […]



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