Health Heroes

Happy Friday! Wahoo!

The time of frozen yogurt has arrived {I tend to eat frozen yogurt on the weekends because it is more of a *special* treat for me to go and get it, so I save it for then}

caramel everything!

I am going to be all over that today/this weekend.

As my father departs for another crazy intense hike to the base camp of Mount Everest (remember: he hiked Mount Kilamanjaro in Africa after we went on the safari together–I couldn’t go with him because I had to return to America for the beginning of an LDS church mission-), it causes me to reflect on what he and others have taught me in the realm of doing hard things and in taking care of their health.

I have many health/fitness/wellness heroes, and my dad is one of them, so here goes.

Health Heroes

1. My Dad.


Not only is he the smartest man alive (he went to decades of school and is an incredible neurosurgeon who also developed 3-D technology/microscope to perform brain surgery), he is down to earth, a lover of hard things, a seriously competitive raquetball player, a genius, and a great example of putting health first. He taught/teaches me:

  • Always buckle up (your seatbelt) when in a car. NO questions <—-he’s seen one too many brain damages because of not doing this
  • You can do hard things.
  • It is okay to cry during spiritual or sensitive moments.
  • Work before play.
  • Money does not grow on trees.
  • Smoking is one of THE worst things a person can do to his/her body. Drinking, doing drugs, and not eating appropriate foods falls right behind that.
  • Read, read, read.
  • You are what you eat.
  • Get as much education as you can <—–my dad is the epitome of that (he went to school until he was in his 30’s! He got his PhD while doing residency. CA-RaZY!)
  • Eat a salad at dinner every night. Always. (A salad a day anyone?!)
  • Make exercise/fitness a priority. {my dad exercises whenever he gets a chance….and it is usually at 1 a.m.!)
  • Plus a million other amazing lessons that I won’t list here & probably bore you to death with :)

2. Several of my friends and/or sisters.

I surround myself with great people (they make me want to be better!) They are all so inspiring, wonderful, health conscious, and really motivation.

just a few of my amazing friends

I have several friends/family who:

  • have run marathons (and run Boston!)
  • done triathlons
  • skied in crazy weather
  • eat healthy foods even though their budget tells them otherwise
  • don’t smoke or drink-especially during their pregnancies
  • workout about 5-6 times per week
  • brush and floss their teeth twice per day
  • give their all in any team sport, work meeting, work project, or party planning
  • inspire others to stay and get healthy
  • choose whole foods, mostly vegetarian foods, and avoid most ‘junk’
  • get as much education as they can
  • make healthy recipes/meals for their families

3. My (deceased) grandmother.

She was born and grew up in the Swiss Alps (literally), and has had a huge impact on my outlook (even if I could only understand her part of the time with my limited German back then).

Switzerland. My fav place to be :)

She lived until she was 94, but lived every day to its fullest until that last breath. I will see her again, and when I do, I will give her {another} big hug and thank her for all she taught me. She :

  • made me herbal tea every day, and taught me that it can do healing wonders (TRUE!!)
  • drank crazy juices (beet juice anyone?!), Kefir, etc. and swore by them. I now understand :)
  • worked, gardened, sewed, and walked
  • put Heavenly Father (aka God) first
  • taught me to notice and love the simple things in life

4. All of you

You all are great examples of living healthy, doing your best, and giving your all in your workouts, eating, and excitement for life. Thanks for being awesome!

We all have people who inspire, uplift, and encourage us to be our very best–especially in the health and fitness arena–I’d love to hear about yours!

jumping for happiness in the Alps!

Have a GREAT weekend! {Wish my dad good luck/send prayers his way as he hikes toward Everest!–he’ll be back in 2 weeks}

Who are some of YOUR health heroes, and why??  What deliciousness are YOU going to eat this weekend?? <—me : fro yo and pumpkin waffles….mmmm

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  1. You! You are inspiring to me! To anyone who reads this blog, I’m Annette’s sister and the lucky recipient of her advice, example and ideas!! This lady knows her stuff and lives by all her advice. I’m lucky to be your sister Annette! =)

  2. I love your sister’s above comment – so sweet. Seriously though, you ARE so many people’s health heroes I’m sure. All those people that take your fitness classes adore you, look up to you, and admire you. Keep it up woman! :)

  3. caroline says:

    Ditto to your sister Lara’s comment. You are one of my health heroes. And your dad sounds like a pretty neat guy. Mama Peas from peasandthankyou is one of my health heros as well as the woman from ohsheglows.

    Fro-yo date with the husband is on the agenda today. wahoo!


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