Focus On: Biceps Curls

Happy weekend, eh?

I love teaching, motivating, coaching, and guiding. I am very happy and fulfilled in my work, and I think it is because I found my niche. Call me lucky, call me blessed, or call me fortunate, but I must say that a lot of hard work, sweat, tears (lots!), writing, practicing, education, messing up, completing monotonous tasks, money, and blood were required to get me where I am. Literally. (+ I have an incredible husband and family, but that is through no doing of my own)

love this dude--he has supported me to reach all my dreams!

Because I get to live my passions in my daily work (I teach fitness classes in the morning/evenings & am a personal health coach for a huge insurance company by day + on the side fitness coaching/personal training), some of that spills over into this website.

You may have noticed that I am not a typical blogger….I don’t write about every day’s eats, happenings, or exercise, because that is not me. I don’t really find that too exciting (it may be for others, don’t get me wrong!) but for me, it didn’t jive well. I tried it and loathed it. I much prefer to present a topic and talk about that, especially if it may help, guide, instruct, or motivate someone else.

Can you tell that I LOVE seeing others succeed in fitness, health, and wellness goals?! If not, then you haven’t read long enough 😉

So after all that *heavy/mushy* stuff, that brings me to today’s topic….

Focus On: Biceps Curls

{another post in this series–Focus On: Squats}

Biceps Curls can be done almost anywhere, anytime, and with anything. This move is so versatile it can be a part of anyone’s exercise workouts and fitness plan. So there is no excuse to not do such a fabulous move!

checking out your guns is NOT optional

Biceps curls can be done using a barbell (like in BodyPUMP), dumbbells, cans of food<—-for reals!, full water bottles, bags of sand, or people. Okay so some of those are used more often than others, but you get the point.

Tips for correct Biceps Curls:

  • The movement goes from touching the quads (with dumbbell/barbell) to right in front of the shoulders
  • The barbell/dumbbell should never bang against the chest or shoulder; try to stop the move about a fist distance away from the upper chest/shoulder area
  • Do not grip the bar/dumbbells too tightly; your forearm will feel it more than the biceps if that happens<—so loosen the grip!
  • During the biceps curl, keep the core braced, upper body still, and the knees soft
  • Keep the elbows in by the sides of the body
  • Do not let the elbows swing backward or too far forward; keep ’em locked and loaded
  • Avoid holding your breath, using your back/chest to do the work, or locking the knee joints
  • Make sure you’re lifting enough weight (not too heavy or too light)
  • Reminder : the movement goes all the way to the quads (upper legs)….don’t shortchange the move (or else you’re wasting your time)

Biceps curls can be done standing, sitting, on a decline, on an incline, while in a lunge, alternating one arm at a time, using both arms at the same time, or on a couch while watching TV. Whoever says there is no time for lifting weights is wrong, wrong, wrong.

I may feel strongly about this subject or somethin’…..

biceps curls with barbell (source)

Of course Biceps curls are not easy by any stretch of the imagination. For some reason when I do biceps curls it makes me want to throw up….so weird, I know! But really I just suck it up and tell myself “mind over muscle.” I can say that teaching BodyPUMP several times per week has made my biceps stronger than ever before, and that I can finally curl more weight than I had ever done before I started teaching BodyPUMP (my weight on the barbell for biceps track in BodyPUMP is now 25 lbs. Wahoo!)

Three cheers (And raise your bar!) for Biceps Curls!

I am off to go PUMP it up <—should I try to increase my weight in the Biceps track today?! 😉

What tip are YOU going to use to fix in your biceps curling?? Do YOU feel like you’ve found *your niche* yet?? Have any fun plans for the weekend??

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  1. Great tips! Bicep curls are an exercise that I find a lot of people do wrong and don’t even realize it. I’m so glad you found your niche – you’re awesome at it! :)

  2. I’ll def use the tip about not holding your breath- I find myself doing that sometimes and it tenses up my whole body. So that’s something to work on.
    I really like your blogging style and I feel the same about posting eats constantly. I do it occasionally but it’s just not my thang to do it every single day.

  3. Thank you!! I’ve really wondered about my form for these so this was incredibly helpful :)

    i really enjoy the tips and your posts on here, its def different from alot of other blogs but im glad you are doing YOU, and i love reading!

    have a great day!

  4. caroline says:

    Personally I bicep curl people all the time. =)

    I love your tips on how to have good form while lifting

  5. nice picture! =) Maybe I’ll go curl a can of corn or something!!


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