Mourning Summer

I am a Summer gal at heart. Always have been.

short sleeves, a tan, and Summer make me HAPPY

I LOVE swimming. I love being tan (I wear sunscreen, don’t worry!). I love salads<—crave ’em like all day long in the Summer.

a salad to fill every craving

I enjoy the carefree feeling. I love the sun and nice weather. I actually don’t mind the heat (I know, weird). I love berry picking.

oh blackberries, I love thee

I love grilling. I adore sitting outside and working on the patio. I enjoy a good cup of fro yo. Or smoothie in a bowl, that works too.

smoothie in a bowl baby!

I love open toed shoes. I am obsessed with skirts. I like sleeping in (only happens on vacation, in the Summer). I love reading by the pool. I like how it stays lighter longer in the evenings.

ahhh sweet vacation

I love veggie (and turkey) burgers, hot off the grill. I like walking around barefoot. I enjoy a good picnic. I love the water and boating.


I’ll stop there. So that we don’t cry toooooo much. {Check out some Summer Series posts to re-live the good ole’ days of Summer!}

Okay, now I guess I can welcome in Fall. Technically I am 2 days late since the official day is September 21 (had no idea when I posted about exercise workouts)!

apple time!

Here’s to pumpkin plates, hot oatmeal, herbal tea and hot cocoa galore, slippers, boots, jeans, car heaters on, pumpkin everything (whole wheat pumpkin bread recipe coming SOON! Be excited), reading, movie watching, renewed fitness goals, Halloween, running outside without dying of humidity/heat, crisp apples, workworkwork, Thanksgiving, and my birthday!

pumpkin waffles-my husband made 'em for me on my b-day last year!

One thing that never really changes as the seasons change, though, is my love for teaching fitness classes. That is always a stable, burning love and with the gym(s) always being there rain or shine, it is very consistent!

And with that I am off to sort of recover from teaching last night’s BodyPUMP by teaching ZUMBA. Gotta shake out that soreness, ya know?! 😉

What are YOU mourning about Summer?? What are YOU most excited for with Fall being here….or almost here??

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  1. I think your whole post just made me miss summer already, awww.

    I could say without a doubt that 99% of the things you love about summer, i love about summer too!
    I would say my most favoritest part though is the relaxed nature of summer and getting to hang outside and grill…turkey burgers are my absolute fave :)

    Although I am totally a fall girl, I appreciate summer and it holds its own special place in my heart. running is something that holds constant for me all year long, but i especially enjoy it in the cool fall weather rather then the sweltering heat of summer (at least this summer in jersey, phew)

  2. I have to agree with you… Summer is my favorite season for sure. Fall comes in right behind in second though. I love all of the many things you mentioned about Summer. My favorite part of Fall are the beautiful color changes! And yummy pumpkin recipes!

    And maybe I’m wrong, but I thought the first day of Fall was today? Hmm…

  3. caroline says:

    Summer? What summer? I will miss the warmth! But I love fall’s crisp mornings and sweaters and hot chocolate.

  4. you do a great job of summing up what makes summer great!!! I’m excited for your pumpkin talk though. Did you know there is going to be a shortage of pumpkins in America this year?

    • WHAT?! Really? WHY? Are you going to hand out pumpkins to the distributors…..when the baby comes? 😉

      Recipe(s) coming soon!


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