Self Pep Talk

Neeewwww WEEK! Another opportunity to live life to its fullest yet again-so let’s go!

But first before seizing the day and all that jazz, the topic of self pep talk is on the agenda –with fun pics to share :)

Self Pep Talk

People give friends, family, or coworkers pep talks when the going gets tough, when they might need an extra boost, or when they come crying into the arms of a loved one. Or sometimes the pep talk happens after a discouraging event or even after a tragic happening. Whatever the occasion, pep talks can do marvelous things.

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So why do we sometimes talk ourselves DOWN when we are frustrated? Seriously, have you guys ever had a pity party before? {I had lots of ’em while I was unemployed, bored out of my eye balls, and so frustrated with our situation.} They can be super, duper long, drawn out, and really discouraging. My pity parties usually start with something negative that happened to me, which reminds me of something else negative, while then reminds me of something else I did wrong, and on and on the downward spiral goes!

So useful, right??


Positive self talk (or a self pep talk) on the other hand can be a beautiful motivator to reach higher, dig deeper, and become better human beings. In the realm of health, it can be a powerful tool for reaching those goals we might have : be it a weight loss goal, a weight lifting goal, kicking a ‘bad’ habit goal, or even being kinder to others goal.

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One time I stopped myself during a particularly bad moment when I was beating myself up in my head (why do we do this?! Oh, because we compare ourselves to others too often<–at least that usually triggers it for me), and I thought about what I was saying. Would I ever say that to a friend or a sister? That gets a H%&$ NO! So why is it okay to be unkind to myself?

Exactly. It is not okay, and it should not happen.

I think once we realize who we are as human beings, what a gift it is to be here on earth with these lovely bodies, and what our potential is to become, we would treat ourselves (and others!) better.

little kids don't compare themselves!

So the next time you start comparing yourself, being unkind to yourself, or start spiraling downward in negativity, give a self pep talk!

A Self Pep Talk Can Include (Tips):

  • Gratitude <—listing things you’re grateful for
  • Accomplishments <—thinking about things you have already done well
  • Reading great quotes that inspire <—posting sticky notes with these quote is very helpful!
  • Meditation/prayer/self reflection
  • Going on a walk in nature
  • Writing in a journal
  • Crying <—this may be helpful for some! Sometimes all I need is a good cry 😉
  • Anything else that makes YOU happy

These things really do work. When I was suffering through it all for several years (anorexia, eating binges, emotional eater stages, overexercising bouts, horrible comparison problems), I would often beat myself up in my head (i.e. “you’re not good enough,” “you’re so fat,” “you are never going to be like _____” “look at her, she is so much better than you” blah blah blah<—horrible stuff, really!), and you know what, it only made whatever I was going through THAT much worse. Not better, worse.

To propel myself out of it all I started caring less of what other’s thought about me, and started turning inwards to take care of me. Of my self. My soul. My spirit. I gave myself a self pep talk every day for months.

ready to tackle anything-even self portraits in a car

Now that that is all behind me the negative self talk happens wayyyy less frequently, but it still happens. And when it does I try to snap out of it using those tips I mentioned above.

I am in a much, much happier state now! And I can honestly say that taking care of myself in that way has never been sweeter, plus it allows me to pour more energy into serving/uplifting/working with others :)

After all of that heavy stuff…..I am off to teach some BodyPUMP, and later on a Zumba class! I LOVE Mondays! Have a good one!

Does a self pep talk usually do the trick for YOU?? Are YOU a crier?? <—me, totally!

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  1. Great post. Everyone needs to read this!

  2. Great post Annette!!!

    Negative self talk is something I’ve struggled with my whole life…It still gets me from time to time…But you are right, it does no good…Making an effort to change the negative to positive really is ground breaking…

    PS I am definitely a CRYER.

  3. You are so right that sometimes we just need a good cry! I also find writing in a journal to be so helpful. A long run also helps me!

  4. I really loved this post!

    What is more positive then a self pep talk? I think its soooo easy to beat up on yourself, but its alot harder and yet healthier to give yourself some LOVE! I know I could use a lesson in that from time to time!

    have a great night!

  5. Well said Annette! I loved reading this post too, thanks for the positive boost!


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