Quick Sandwich

Quick trivia about me: I love breakfast, I hate lunch, and I really enjoy dinner. I sometimes love eating snacks (sometimes because it is annoying to stop my work day and eat), and I can always make time for dessert.

always have time for this!

{my healthy chocolate chip cookies}

You may wonder why I hate lunch, but if you think about it, it is really an inopportune time to eat food!

For lunch, I have to:

  • take a break from work (I am a work-at-home health coach for a huge company & teach fitness classes)
  • figure out what I want to eat
  • decide what ingredients I need to grab to feed that craving
  • grab the ingredients from fridge/pantry
  • make that food
  • sometimes take pictures of that food <—usually if I am beyond hungry no pictures are taken (I am not a food blogger by any means!)
  • eat that food (and hopefully enjoy it!)
  • answer any texts, emails, or non-work related items
  • then get back to my desk

Phew! And in the above list I did not even mention the time it takes to really decide what I want to eat–It can definitely take longer than 5 minutes! Some days I am super indecisive while other days I know exactly what I want to eat. Le’ sigh…. Maybe I just need to change my thought process???

So no surprise when the other day I was past-hungry, ready to eat, & had no time to decide on fancy schmancy ingredients, that I made the quickest (and super delicious) sandwich on the planet.

so fast.

Quick Sandwich -Healthy Whole Wheat Blue Cheese Turkey Sandwich


  • Whole wheat bread-2 slices
  • Deli turkey meat-2 slices
  • Blue Cheese Laughing Cow Cheese-1 wedge
  • Spinach-1 large handful
  • Toaster-1


  • Toast 2 pieces whole wheat bread.
  • Grab spinach, turkey, cheese out of the fridge while toasting.
  • Spread cheese on the bread, layer with spinach, turkey, and more spinach. Top with the 2nd piece of bread.
  • Eat with a huge smile on your face because it took less than 3 minutes to prep and make ===>more time for a real lunch break!

see the spinach? This *makes* the sandwich have extra staying power!

Have a lovely weekend!

And a HUGE Happy Birthday to a sister of mine!!  <3 you!

Anyone else out there hatin’ on Lunchtime?? What is YOUR favorite meal (not including dessert, b/c that is almost always the winner!)?? <—tie between b-fast and dinner for me!

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  1. i am SO not a hater of any meal! i just love to eat! :) :) :) my favorite meal is definitely breakfast… for sure! oatmeal, eggs, or smoothies… so many ways to make ’em and oh so good! many times i eat eggs for breakfast and bring oatmeal with a bunch of tasty mix-ins for lunch! :) :)

  2. Totally agree with you on breakfast and dinner being my faves… If dessert DID count, obviously I’d choose that! 😉 Sometimes I eat breakfast foods for lunch just to make me enjoy it more. Yummy lookin’ sandwich!

  3. caroline orien says:

    I wake up excited to eat breakfast. Green smoothies are my absolute favorite. I like pancakes, waffles, french toast but they don’t really fill me up. I could eat like a zillion and not get full.

    • I had a green smoothie this a.m. too! YUMM.

      I add flax, Almond butter, and whole wheat flour to make those foods more filling–it seems to help!

  4. Hi ! I just came across your blog and wanted to say hello! Those healthy chocolate chip cookies had me drooling so of course I had to check out the recipe for that! I can’t wait to read more on your blog :-)

  5. Those cookies look amazzing!!! and that’s coming from someone in a Ghiradelli brownie coma :)

    I see where you’re coming from w the lunch-hatin’. When you’re in the middle of a workday with limited time, it’s kind of annoying. I hate rushing thru meals! If I eat too much I feel tired/lethargic the rest of the day, and if I eat too little I’m tired and grumpy!



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