Abdominal Workouts

Happy Friday! If you haven’t yet, check out What Are Calories post *there’s some fascinating info.

Friday for me usually entails:

  • teaching Zumba (fourth time this week, Wahoo!)
  • short abdominal workouts
  • shorter work day (for me, at least!)
  • staying up past my bed time <—not hard to do- I usually go to bed by 10:15 p.m.(I lead such an exciting life, guys!)
  • watching a movie or running {fun} errands
  • eating either fro yo or ice cream (I need SOME sort of treat!)

fro yo treat!

  • being lazier than usual –I’d rather clean and do chores on Saturday than on a Friday afternoon

Abdominal Workouts

The abs (really known as the abdominals, anatomically), are an area that I feel like most everyone (including me!) love to work out. Luckily BodyPUMP has an entire track devoted to that area! The abdominal muscles consist of:

  1. External abdominal oblique
  2. Internal abdominal oblique <—outer edge of the torso; flexes and rotates the vertebral column
  3. Rectus abdominus <—lower and upper abs (i.e. the top and bottom of the 6 pack); flexes vertebral column
  4. Transverse abdominus <—midline of the abdominals; compresses abdomen (keeping it ‘all’ in, and gives an overall appearance of being smaller when this muscle group is strong)


Any (and all) abdominal workouts should include all of those ‘sections’ of the abs in order to strengthen and sculpt the torso.

Example Abdominal Workouts

To work the obliques, try these exercises:

  • bicycles (lying on the back, twisting from the torso, keeping the elbows wide, and touching opposite elbow to opposite knee)


  • dumbbell side-dips

To work the upper part of the rectus abdominus, try these exercises:

To work the lower part of the rectus abdominus, try these exercises:

  • hip lift
  • reverse crunch


  • leg lowers

To work the transverse abdominus, try these exercises:

  • plank hold

on elbows or hands

  • plank hold with leg taps
  • side plank

Have a good weekend!

What does Friday usually entail for YOU?? Is it any more special than other days?? What is YOUR favorite part of the abdominal workouts to do??

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  1. Great tips!

  2. caroline says:

    Well this Friday means, working tonight! Enjoy your Friday!

  3. I love just bumming around on my friday nights…i’m only productive in the form of cleaning bc I know if i dont get it done then, itll never get done. I enjoy cleaning though, i’m a weirdo :) Its mostly relax time so I can get up and run on saturdays.

    Ashamed to admit that I hardly work out my abs! I do once a week and its usually a couple different kinds of crunches. I should change it up once in a while!


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