Fall Food : Apples

Happy weekend! Fall has somewhat arrived around here….at least for a week. Cooler weather, more rain, and less available berries means APPLES are on their way to our pantries and bellies! {and in light of yesterday’s belly fat how to lose it post, apples are a GREAT food to eat for that goal!}

Apple Picking

We went apple picking last week, so we’re stocked up for now, but there always room for all the varieties of apples. (Blueberry and blackberry/peach picking also happened this Summer)

apples galore!

Who knew there were SO many varieties?! This directory of apples is astounding–I mean it has at least 2 kinds of apple for every letter of the alphabet except X! There are many flavors of apples (I gotta try the Scarlett O’Hara apple variety), but not all of them are grown where each of us live.

A few apple varieties that I love (probably because they are crisp, either sweet or slightly tart, and are NOT mushy at all):

  • Honey Crisp

me + honey crisp = bliss

  • Pink Lady
  • Gala
  • Braeburn
  • Granny Smith
  • Fuji
  • Jonathan
  • Cameo
  • Ambrosia

A few apple varieties I don’t love (see above….I need some CRUNCH. No mushiness allowed):

  • Red Delicious
  • Yellow Delicious
  • Golden Delicious <—why oh why did they get that name?!
  • McIntosh

Apples are like the perfect health snack food : they’re affordable, portable, not too messy, delicious, small, don’t need packaging, and are easy to eat. The only downside : they’re loud. You can not eat an apple quietly.


I now apologize to all my fellow university students who studied on the 4th floor of the library. I was there everysingleday and ate an apple there everysingleday. I hoped it didn’t bother their studying too much 😉

My favorite way to eat an apple as of late is this:

snack trumps work {sunflower seed butter + Nutella + apple)

Nut butter + apples makes the apple snack THAT much better. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself!

Well, I’m off to do some cardio + BodyPUMP action, then a fun lunch date (woot!), and meeting some friends later. Also, thinking about 9/11 tomorrow, and remembering Who it is that is taking care of loved ones lost–to read a great article about 9/11 in the WashingtonPost, go here.

What is YOUR favorite fall food?? Do YOU have an apple variety you love, or one you don’t really care for??

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  1. i looooooooove apples! fall food… hmmm maybe the classic pumpkin? i love making pumpkin moose with greek yogurt or adding pumpkin to oatmeal… i don’t love red delicious apples, but i’m pretty confident in saying i love every other kind!

  2. Favorite fall INGREDIENT-Pumpkin.
    Favorite fall FOOD-Homemade soup or chill
    Favorite Apple-Ambrosia
    Least Favorite-Mushy Red Delicious

  3. I love apples!! I have at least one everyday! And my favourite are honeycrisp too!!! But they are so hard to find where I live and then when I do find them, they are crazy expensive, but still oh so delish! So I usually get some gala apples. And I’m totally with you on the non-mushy thing. I hate mushy/grainy apples.
    Can’t wait to see some interesting apple recipes/ideas on here in the next little while.

  4. I am loving the nutella/nut butter combination as well :) The nutella is going MUCH faster, though :)

  5. I love apples! Especially with nut butters! :)

  6. I am SO excited for apple season! I’ve been buying Honeycrisps at the Farmers Market for a few weeks now and they are better than ever this year!
    And, yes- there’s nothing worse than a mealy apple!


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