Belly Fat How To Lose It

It is Friday, indeed! I taught a Zumba class this morning with 4 new songs–luckily I did not fall on my face while teaching the new choreo 😉


Belly Fat How To Lose It

Most of the clients I work with in the fitness realm are usually interested in how to shed body fat, but more specifically in the area: belly fat how to lose it. The reason this is so is fourfold:

  1. As obesity is on the rise, belly fat is more of a problem than ever before.
  2. As people get older the hormones and mechanisms that control where fat accumulates favor the belly region. Thus, with the population getting older, the desire to lose belly fat is also popular (and the desire to decrease percent of body fat also increases!)
  3. Serving sizes, food portions, lack of super foods, food additives, high amounts of fast food consumption, lack of physical activity, and frequent high-stress situations are all possible reasons as to why fat accumulates in the belly region. These issues are not going away, either….
  4. The food industry wants our money–and they don’t care if and where we accumulate fat.



Well if that is not depressing, I don’t know what is!

Here is the GOOD news : I am here to share about belly fat HOW TO LOSE IT in simple, easy to apply terms. Sound good?

Shed Belly Fat Tips:


  • Reduce stress by taking deep breaths, making lists, and taking breaks from electronics.
  • If already active, include 2 sessions of HIIT cardio into your week–these can be sprints on a bike, while running, faster dancing, or using exercise DVDs. Anything that makes you work harder for short periods of time, allows slower work, and then speeds up again is considered a type or form of HIIT cardio. Make sure there are at least 8-10 (fast) intervals of about 30-45 seconds, making the entire workout last between 20-30 minutes.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables like they are going out of style. Literally. The secret is to eat as many fresh foods as YOU possibly can–leaving little room for the ‘crap’ that makes us unhealthy. Sweet potatoes, carrots, blueberries, spinach, kale, eggplant, squash, tomatoes, bell peppers, watermelon, blackberries, apples, snap peas, broccoli–EAT UP :)

crunch crunch!

  • Drink water. ALL.Day.Long. Forgo the soft drinks, juices, carbonated beverages, diet drinks, alcohol, lattes, and sports drinks–these all contain sugars, salts, additives, and chemicals that are just making us unhealthy, sluggish, and well yes, adding to the belly fat problem.
  • Laugh. A secret to: belly fat HOW to Lose it, is laughing. Watch a comedy, check out some funny videos on YouTube, call up a friend and reminisce, make funny faces in the mirror, or soak in a tub with a great book. Do something that makes you laugh deep in your belly. You will feel happier, less stressed, and you will work those belly muscle too!
  • Hold a plank (for a fitness move to tighten up the belly). Set up in a plank, hold for 10 seconds. Drop and rest for 10 seconds. Hold the plank for 10 seconds. Repeat 10 times. As you hold the plank, pull the abdominals to the back, away from the floor, squeeze the gluteal muscles, and make sure the elbows are in alignment with the shoulders. Don’t hold your breathe. This move targets the transversus abdominus, the muscles lining the vertical part of the belly. Once strong and tight, this muscle group keeps the belly in, tucked, and gives that overall ‘flat look.’

yoga is good

  • Take Pilates or Yoga classes. These classes are designed to strengthen, tone, and elongate the muscles, especially the core!

When the above things are practiced, that is the answer to: belly fat HOW to lose it!

Here’s THE biggest secret to all this shedding belly fat stuff: No gimmicks, special diets, quick formulas, or crazy diet pills will flatten the tummy for good, or in a healthy way. The only way to lose belly fat FOR GOOD is to work at in small, manageable steps, and overtime :)

What tip are YOU going to try out in this belly fat HOW to lose it Series?? Do YOU eat fruits and veggies like they’re going out of style??

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  1. awesome tips! love this list.

  2. Thanks for a really well-rounded post on saying bye bye to belly fat! I totally agree with your points and it’s great to read a post from someone on the “do it the right way” train! Choo Choo! Happy Weekend!

  3. And wow…I spelled my name wrong above. I think I’m in need of the weekend! Ha!



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