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Most people know that a good, sweaty workout is great for them. Working out increases endorphins-the feel good chemicals. Working out provides an avenue to expend excess energy. Working out helps to lose and manage weight and/or percent of body fat. Working out is a way to de-stress and re-evaluate. Working out can be a hobby or favorite past-time. And for people like me, working out can be a job!

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What a lot of people DO NOT know is what to do post workout. You know, once the workout is over, what is best for the body?

Post Workout

I have written before about when calories matter, and well, post workout is a perfect time to do so, as are several other important items:

  • Drink water, and LOTS of it -the muscles (and cells) are made up of mostly water, so feed them properly right after they’ve been ‘starved’!
  • Drink chocolate milk -most research done in the area of post workout recovery drinks proves that chocolate milk is one of the best drinks to consume after a workout because of the perfect carbs-to-protein ratio, allowing the right amount of macronutrients to help recover the muscle cell breakdown (and speed up the repair process), and reduce overall muscle soreness and fatigue. Only 6-8 ounces is recommended, however!
  • Stretch (post workout, not before)-Once again the research is not totally conclusive, but from what I have studied and read, it is just a better idea to do the stretching after the workout, or after each muscle group (when training by muscle group in a weight train program or BodyPUMP class).
  • Eat whole foods -no ‘junk’ post workout, it will just make you feel like, well, JUNK. Any whole foods would be a better option!

junk=no go

  • Keep moving -if possible, keep the body moving instead of plunking down into a couch or chair. This will help reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. It can be a short walk around the office every 30 minutes, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or walking to the store.
  • Shower -self explanatory 😉

Sleeping well that night helps as well {you’ll feel more rejuvenated the next day}, but that is not a directly post workout option for some people-especially a.m. gym-goers!


I can definitely notice a difference when I drink enough water, eat well, and get my chocolate milk in post workout-I truly feel like a million bucks {or you know, FIT}, and ready to tackle any to-do list at work or home!

What is YOUR post workout routine?? Do YOU like chocolate milk–have YOU tried it post workout yet??

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  1. that’s so funny that you wrote about chocolate milk! yesterday, i was famished after school (my bad for not staying hydrated throughout the day!) so i went to the grocery store to pick up some essentials for dinner… i also picked up a small, single serving of chocolate milk! it was not post workout, but i’ll definitely have to try that in the future! my post work out routine involves eating and drinking water immediately after…. and sometimes, i mean always, showering! :)

  2. Good post! Any reason I can get to drink chocolate milk is a good reason 😉

    I workout, stretch, drink water, shower, get breakfast read to take with me (or eat at home) and then head to work!

    • I like your routine—and chocolate milk is a MUST around here too .Heh. Whoever found that research out about choc milk and post exercise (actually I know who, but still), should be kissed and thanked :)



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