Altitude + Attitude Matters

Happy Weekend!

My epic vacation to Breckenridge, Colorado came to an end…..but first, let’s check out some gorgeous pics of this experience!

our lodge

We were at about 10,000 feet (above sea level), and my body could definitely feel that!

Workouts were HARDER, breathing was a bit shallower, and I was a lot more tired than usual. None of this stopped me from having a blast, but altitude in workouts and for overall health really matters.

slept amazing

I slept like a rockstar every.single.night.

It was incredible! I love sleep, and boy is it good for us!

weather was perfect

We went on hikes, walks, and did fun activities outside. Plus we swam every day (SCORE!)

visited a mine

We went down into a local mine….


It was actually quite fascinating, and really scary! I would never ever want to be a miner–and would never let my husband do that (even though that mine produced over $150 million in gold in the 1800’s). Those miners would have to mine 10 hours a day (in cold, dark conditions) for 6 days/week! Thousands went ‘missing’ in this mine too. Freaky!

Luckily we did not go missing ourselves…

walked along the river

I loved this vacation and how active and outside in the beautiful nature it was!

stop and smell the flowers

I remembered to slow down and really STOP to look at the gorgeous scenery. To take it all in.

This vacation has been an amazing thing for my health : altitude, attitude, and ALL. It allowed me to step back and really focus on what matters….plus my husband’s family is great!


Oh, and the view of sweet, new babies doesn’t hurt, either.

aww--my nephew

Majestic mountains

hello mountains!

I’d say it was {another} perfect vacation. Why am I so lucky?!

silly :)

We’re off to take some family pictures, watch some football, and fly back home! My gym peeps miss me….I hope 😉

'updated' feet

Have a lovely weekend!

Have YOU ever experienced altitude sickness before?? Can YOU tell a difference in workouts when YOU’re higher up??

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  1. EPIC is right! Gorgeous! I’ve only got a minute right now, but I am definitely adding your blog to my “to-read” list! Gorgeous pictures! Happy Saturday!

  2. p.s. I have a funny story to share sometime about my last-fall trip to Big Sky. HELLLLOOO altitude…goodbye great run!

  3. CO looks amazing! i’ve never been but have always wanted to go. thanks for sharing.

  4. Your nephew is the cutest thing ever. YAY FOR LOTS OF SLEEP…I am jealous:) Girl, you are so gorgeous and I am so happy you had such an amazing time!

  5. Caroline says:

    Oh it looks like you all have a rockin time. I can totally tell when the altitdue effects my workouts- I get out of breath.



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