Healthy Exercise

Getting into a healthy exercise routine can be tough, but once in it, it is also hard to balance it out with life.

There can be times when exercise takes over one’s life, leaving little time (or energy) for other activities or people. I have struggled with that in the past, and it is most often called exercise obsession.

While up in the mountains of Colorado this week (yipee!!), I am taking time to do activities I enjoy and love. This is much easier with a nice workout room, beautiful mountains, and crisp air, though!


What does it mean to enjoy a ‘healthy exercise’ routine then?

Healthy Exercise

The U.S. Deparment of Health & Human Services’ guidelines for exercise state that there is are overall health benefits when a person exercises (or is physically active at a moderate intensity) for 150 minutes per week. This amount of time has shown that health and vitality may increase once that time is reached. Less time showed no immediate or significant benefits (see link).

That is only 5 30 minute sessions! Everyone has 150 minutes to spend taking care of their health each week :)

If not, then schedule it in like you would a doctor’s or dentist’s appointment. We would never EVER miss those, right??! If it is hard to get the motivation to do so, take a step back and think how you might feel in 20 years if you hadn’t taken care of yourself NOW?

perfect trail activity!

Life really is beautiful, and we shouldn’t cut it short by not taking care of what we’ve been given : these glorious, beautiful temples (bodies). These bodies that allow us to move, live, have loves, and breath.

And enjoy life with the people we deeply love.

However, it is also important to take it one day at a time and realize when enough is enough. Ask your body what it needs, and listen up :)

Be grateful, live life, and have a lovely day getting in your physical activity that YOU enjoy <—what I am trying to do daily too!

How do YOU fit in some healthy exercise into your busy routine??

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  1. first thing in the morning!

  2. I had NO IDEA the exercise recommendations were that reasonable! Gosh, I compare myself to food bloggers who all work out like three hours a day, hahaha. I’m feeling good about my workout sitch now!

    • Yes –working out just a little will go a VERY long way!

      Comparing never does any good, especially since you can’t see the whole picture…or if they’re posting some nonsense…. πŸ˜‰ Besides, quicker, more efficient workouts do more good than long drawn out ones!


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