A Perfect Dessert

As the end of the Summer nears, I desperately try to hold on (do, eat, or enjoy) to everything Summer-esque that I love.

  • Swimming
  • Ice cream/fro yo <—can be eaten whenever, but best during the Summer!
  • Berries galore
  • Family vacation time
  • Eating dinners outside (especially salads!!)
  • Popsicles
  • Random naps outside
  • Working from the porch (!)

Grab on and hold tight, right?

{Can you tell that Summer is my favorite season??!}

As you might know I am  fro yo/ice cream girl through and through. I also am obsessed with caramel. And I love crunchy foods (nuts, carrots, apples, etc.)

So you can only imagine my excitement when I found a perfect marriage {dessert} then:

hello perfection

Heaven, I tell ya!

This stuff is GOOD. And legit.

up close and amazing

If you ever see this at the grocery store you can just think of me— Mmmmkay? :)

Seriously, I am a fitness enthusiast at heart, but boy do I love a tasty, satisfying dessert!

Speaking of dessert, it is my younger bro’s birthday today!! Happy birthday to him!

Birthday time!

My sister made him a cheesecake–she is a master at desserts.

My workout today consisted of:

  • 1 half hour (or 10 repeats) of {sweaty!!} HIIT cardio training
  • 2 sets each of 10 jumping lunges, squat jumps, and jumping jacks
  • planks

What is YOUR perfect dessert-have YOU found it yet?? What would YOUR birthday cake be?? Workout fun today??

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  1. caroline says:

    This is such an interesting time of year because I am sad summer is over but am looking forward to the fall. I LOVE fall weather!
    Happy Birthday to Jacob!

  2. Your brother is cute! Does he eat as healthy as you?



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