The Exercise Myth

Lovely weekend :)

While talking about exercise goals with a client a few years ago, we got on the topic of exercise and weight myths.

The Exercise Myth

The exercise myth that is most heard (at least among those I have come in contact with) is this : “when someone stops strength training, his/her muscle mass turns to fat.”


That gets a big, fat FALSE.

Muscle tissue is totally different than fat tissue. This also means that a muscle cell (also known as a muscle fiber) can not turn into a fat cell, willy nilly. This is also true vice versa.

If the person’s daily caloric intake is more than what he/she needs, those calories will eventually end up as fat cells, thus increasing body fat tissue. This is NOTHING to do with the amount of muscle mass the person has.

However, because one pound of muscle tissue requires 3 times (3x!!!) more calories at rest than one pound of fat tissue, this translates into a fat-burning machine operating 24/7! All by having that muscle mass. Sweet, eh?

{To get muscle mass, weight training is needed. Active muscles stay active and ‘fat burn’ when they are used or trained. They atrophy, or decrease power, when not trained or used, and thus become ‘inactive.’}

lift those babies

Of course if that muscle mass decreases through disease, disuse, or injury, that fat-burning mechanism is decreased and body fat accumulates. It is also true that if more calories are eaten over and beyond what the person needs, more calories are converted to fat cells, and body fat accumulates.

So, if you ever hear someone say “my muscles are turning to fat,” you can now correct them–and tell them how to fix it 😉

The exercise myth (and other myths) come from people confusing the science facts with personal experience, biases, and ignorance. But now no longer–knowledge really is power!

I am off to go {weight train} those muscles to become a fat burning machineBodyPUMP here I come!

Enjoy your weekend!

Have YOU ever heard the exercise myth I shared?? What are YOUR weekend plans??

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  1. I’ve heard of that myth before, but always knew that muscle can’t just turn into fat. Thanks for explaining the science behind it!! Your posts are always so informing :)

  2. I had heard of that myth before and didn’t really think twice about it…

    Knowledge totally is power 😉

  3. G’day Annette,

    Great piece, good to see you pumping out quality content. Keep it up!
    Chris recently posted…#21 The Truth In Flexible Dieting & Fat Loss w/ Layne NortonMy Profile


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