Broccoli Slaw Salad

My husband is amazing, but we sometimes disagree on things…..

…important things….

….like salad ingredients.

(I know, we’re such a perfect couple the only thing we can find a disagreement on is food ingredients! heh)

I love crunch in my salads, he does not. I love tons of ‘stuff’ in my salads, and he would rather just eat the leaves ‘and be done with it.’ That is okay, we fix our own plates of salad and life goes on.

What do you all say? Let’s hear ya:


While eating said salads the other night, I was complaining/explaining to my husband that I despise recipes with tons of ingredients and steps…..they kind of intimidated me.

So, the following recipe was born! And it will make this your lucky day if you feel the same way as I do–on the part of liking crunch, and refusing to make recipes with lengthy ingredients and steps lists!

Broccoli Slaw Salad (lunch)

This recipe only needs 5 {healthy salad ingredients} and 5 steps:

so easy, so delish

  1. Broccoli slaw
  2. Panera Poppyseed salad dressing (duh!)
  3. Feta cheese
  4. Orange cubes
  5. Nuts (optional)

Directions are even simpler:

  • Grab the broccoli slaw and dump about 2 cups into a bowl
  • Cube the orange slices and mix in with the slaw
  • Drizzle the dressing on top
  • Garnish with feta cheese and (optional) nuts
  • ENJOY!

up close and delicious

I added the nuts after the picture was taken, and it was amazing. This salad tasted like a party in my mouth!

It is a very refreshing salad and other berries, fruits, cheese, or nuts can be substituted in to play to your desires, hunger levels, and taste preferences. It is a very versatile salad and I really hope you all try it because it is THAT good.

P.s. If you like that crunch in a salad (as I do)  the slaw makes it nice and crunchy, and it is a much healthier option than coleslaw :)

I am excited for tonight–it is lazy Friday night around here–enjoy your Friday!

What is a nice combo of flavors YOU have eaten recently?? Any fun Friday plans??

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  1. Looks tasty! I make something like this from time to time too, but I’ve never really found the right dressing for it, but I’ve never tried it with poppyseed. I’ll defs do that next time.
    My favourite salad topping combo has to be goat cheese and strawberries and sometime of spring mix type lettuce.

  2. I would pick avocados if that were an option– those are my absolute favorite salad add-in of all time 😀

    And my boyfriend is very much like your husband. The simpler the salad, the better in his eyes. I just call that a sign of craziness

    • Haha, boys will be boys 😉

      I don’t love avocados, so that is prob why it was not featured….but I am glad you have a favorite topping-it makes life that much more interesting!

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  3. Kristy says:


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