Sleep Works

Morning! I slept amazing last night.

Did you know that when you exert your body to its max you sleep better that night?

sweaty exertion *recycled pic

Of course you did!

And yesterday I taught BodyPUMP and Zumba–my favorite kind of day :) —so my favorite kind of sleep followed. <3

It is totally true about sleep and exercise. And that is why people who workout regularly usually sleep better, get adequate sleep, and are more alert during the day. Which in turn then leads to increased productivity, more success in the workplace and family life, more able to listen to their body, and better overall quality of life.

People who sleep enough usually make better food choices, crave less refined sugar and fatty foods, and tend to be able to manage their weight better than those who only sleep a few hours per night.

I hope I didn’t make anyone feel guilty….

….just creating awareness :)

Sleep Works

When the body receives enough rest, that time is used for rejuvenation, recuperation, and re-energizing. Isn’t it amazing how the body practically ‘fixes’ itself while we snooze?

anyone sleep well in hotels?

Usually if I am really sore in the evening from a quality workout, I tend to be less sore the following morning. Woot! This is not always true when I ‘shock’ my body (i.e. really intense ‘abnormal’ workout, or workouts right after taking a few days off), however.

Sleep also allows for wonderful dreams to come true, fabulous shut-eye to occur, and total relaxation, stress relief, and calming hours to happen.

What is not to love?

I have a friend who says he does not need much sleep….he is kind of like the energizer bunny. He goes and goes and goes, but guess what? Then he crashes. He can nap like nobody else, and in reality he may say he does not need much sleep, but let’s be honest, everyone NEEDS sleep.

Not just sleep though, good quality sleep.

Tips on how to sleep/fall asleep better:

  • stretch before bed time
  • don’t watch TV, use the computer, phones, or other electronic devices 30 minutes before bed time
  • exercise daily!
  • try not to eat really heavy meals, fatty dishes, or super sugary foods 2-4 hours before bed time
  • keep the bedroom cool, clean, and organized

I wish my desk looked like this....

  • write out your to-do list before hopping into bed
  • keep the room super dark
  • use the restroom at least 2x before bed (oh wait, is that just me?! heh.)
  • avoid really negative situations or thoughts before bed time
  • pray or re-evalute goals :)

Now aren’t you excited to hop into bed tonight?! I sure am….

….and with that, here is to a fabulous work day!

How about YOU, what are some things YOU do to sleep better and more soundly?? Do YOU feel like exercise helps??

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  1. Dude I couldn’t agree more! I didn’t work out Fri, Sat or Sun and was going to yesterday, but I needed sleep since I’d had maybe 18 hours of sleep over 5 days. I conked out for a good 3.5 hours and then got up, ate food, back to bed. I feel like a whole new person today! Sometimes sleep is way more important than a work out.

  2. sigh, i love zumba!

    stress is usually my main cause of tossing and turning and not sleeping well. so i try my best to either write my worries down or talk them out. i also need to have a clean room before sleeping.

  3. caroline says:

    I need a dark room which is slightly funny because growing up I was so afraid of the dark I had to have a light on in the hallway. But other then that, I usually sleep very soundly!



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