Why Weight Lifting

The weekend has arrived! (And I am on a high from a great BodyPUMP class with my sista…..so watch out :))

And with the weekend comes the occasional slide in workouts for some…….however, with this post, you may never want to miss a weight lifting session again πŸ˜‰

Why Weight Lifting

Other names (or phrases) for weight lifting include: resistance training, strength training, dumb bell workouts, barbell workouts, pumping iron, and lifting weights. They all mean essentially the same thing : resisting (and/or using) gravity as the muscles push, pull, or press weight.

bring it on

But WHY? There are actually thousands of reasons why it is SO important and NECESSARY to lift weights or pump iron.

Here are JUST a few reasons why weight lifting regularly is vital to your success in healthy living, eating, and total wellness endeavors:

  1. You will shed body fat. Guaranteed!
  2. You will burn more calories overall –per hour, per day, and per year (more muscle means higher metabolism which means more calories burned–even while sitting on your bum!)
  3. You will be able to cope with the daily stressors better.
  4. You will be smarter.
  5. Your clothes will fit way better. <—muscles take up less room than fat
  6. Your bones will be stronger.
  7. Your diet will improve! <—–what a great way to stay on track
  8. You will lose body weight too (losing weight weight lifting!)
  9. You will be able to get FIT (and possibly your most FIT ever) quicker.
  10. You will be a happier more confident person :)
  11. You will be more productive & efficient. <—in all areas : work,fitness,personal
  12. You will be faster in running, agility, and HIIT cardio.
  13. Your heart will be healthier, happier, and more efficient (a resulting drop in Blood Pressure has been seen for those who regularly weight train!)
  14. You will live longer!!
*my personal experiences, clientele work, research, and ideas from a Women’s Health magazine formed this list and may not be all inclusive or all encompassing.

bicep curl

I can personally say that all of the above are true, but they come to pass when regularly weight lifting. Make it a goal this week to schedule in those sessions–they don’t need to be long–and feel the benefits! (Or go to a BodyPUMP class or other group exercise class that allows for regular weight lifting–or come to my BodyPUMP classes :)–I wish! )

Go target those major muscle groups with some exercises (optional workouts found here) 2-3x this week.

Happy weight lifting!

Which of the above points would YOU want in your life now?? Have YOU felt any of these benefits since regularly weight lifting??

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  1. great tips! I recently started weight lifting more and am seeing a lot of these benefits! My goal is 2 times/week.

  2. I always think I look much better and toned when I focus more on weight lifting then just cardio. I am now doing p90x about three times a week along with extra cardio and I can really see a difference in my arms.

  3. I really don’t like lifting weights and so i’d love to try a body bump class! But, I haven’t been able to find one in my area!

    • ohhhh you’d totally love it then….maybe you could ask around?? Or go to Lesmills.com and see if the classes would show up there (online)? Best of luck :)

  4. caroline says:

    I love how strong I feel after going to a body pump class! Even if it means I am sore the next day.

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