Friday Gems

Hey all-happy Friday!

It is a great time to be awake….because I just taught a rockin’ Zumba class. Have I mentioned that I love Zumba lately?

Three reasons why Zumba is amazing:

  1. It is a dance party on steroids (or at least the classes I teach are!)
  2. It allows you (or anyone) to shake it like nobody’s watching.
  3. Time flies and 1 hour later you’re a sweaty, hot mess.


On Fridays I like looking back over the week or so and thinking about what lovely things I’ve eaten, done, worked out, or celebrated.

Here are some gems of note from lately (read: new or continued loves and obsessions):

Homemade Pizza

salad + homemade veggie pizza

I really LOVE homemade pizza. This stuff is amazing. We topped it with tons of spinach + more veggies. Delish!

Veggie Burgers

Veggie patty!

Veggie patty + ketchup. Need I say more?!

Pilates + Yoga

yoga and Pilates

I am in dire need of a good stretch and a calming mood after teaching so many BodyPUMP and Zumba classes. I love Pilates because it strengthens my core, lengthens my muscles, and gives me a good workout. I also love yoga for the fact that it gives my body a nice stretch and allows me to calm down!

Caramel….and ice cream

ideal dessert

I am a caramel girl through and through. So of course I top my chocolate chip cookie with some caramel ice cream and caramel topping. Naturally :)

Smoothie In A Bowl

ice cream.....NOT

How about a nice berry spinach Smoothie in a Bowl?!

Family Time


I am a huge fan of family time! My nephews are here celebrating my little sister’s birthday :)

Have a wonderful Friday!!

What are some gems in YOUR life as of late?? Any fun Friday plans??

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