Speed Work

Mid-week already?! Time flies when you’re eating caramel—or when you’re running fast.


Speed Work

I am not necessarily a runner per say, but I do enjoy running when I feel like it. I think I overdosed on running (2 half marathons and 2 marathons within a 1.5 year timeframe) a year or so ago, and thus turned to other forms of exercise to keep me entertained and healthy.

woot, 2nd marathon: done and done

However, I LOVE competition, challenges, and goals—with myself. I like a good challenge, and so lately I determined to up my ‘normal’ running speed by regularly running every week. But this was speed work running, not just plain “run 10 miles” running.

I am happy to say speed work WORKS. The research is right! You CAN get faster if you train properly. Who knew?!

Speed Work Tips

  • Be willing to try something new
  • Stay focused
  • Give up the excuses
  • Have a well thought-out plan
  • Track progress
  • Remind yourself how lucky you are to even be ABLE to run
  • Visualize, visualize, visualize
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
  • Get enough shut-eye
  • Don’t do TOO many speed work sessions per week (no more than 2-3x)
  • Have a serious rest day 1x/week
  • Weight train regularly <–it helps build muscles to support the faster pace


Every week set a new goal and run towards it. Visualize what you want to have happen, and watch it unfold!

Speed work is best done in increments, so doing too much too fast could lead to injury or possible setbacks. Small steps make into larger strides and faster times, promise!

My ‘normal’ (comfortable) run pace used to be around 6.0 mph, it is now around 7.0 mph! I attribute this to consistent HIIT cardio workouts (on the treadmill), sleeping like 10 hours/night (I wish! It is closer to 8-9), several weight train sessions per week (hello teaching BodyPUMP!), and visualization.

See yourself achieving that goal, tell yourself you can do it, and then go and GET it :)

Have YOU ever tried doing speed work?? Do YOU even like to run–let’s hear some stories!?

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  1. I do HIIT on the treadmill occasionally since I’ve caught the running bug. Though, I did a long run on Sunday and noticed that my body was really sore afterwards and I didn’t enjoy my run like I normally do. So this week I’m focusing on doing HIIT. I love them, because like you said, they help increase speed!!
    Love the tips and especially the quote! They’re great :)


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