Yoga Is Calming

Happy Weekend!

Although I am excited the weekend is here, this means that our perfect vacation has to end. Major sad face. :(

It was full of funny, wonderful, happy, and exhilarating moments, however–and I am grateful I got to share them with fabulous family members!


The sunsets were unforgettable, the daily salads delicious, and the chats with siblings precious.


SO good

chatting while eating peach cobbler + ice cream. YUMM

On the final day of our vacation I did some yoga, and oh how wonderful it was!

Yoga Is Calming!

Who knew that yoga was so calming, relaxing, and empowering? I felt so much better after practicing for about a half hour. My muscles felt stretched and lengthened, my breathing deeper, and my mind calmer. I felt ready to tackle the day of, um, well, swimming, boating, and chilling.

Yes, an irony, I know. But I have also felt the wonderful calming stretch of yoga on days that are not so, well, vacation-esque 😉

I really have come to love triangle pose, down dog, and tree pose. I used to hate down dog (I used to ‘hate’ a lot of things I guess, like blueberries!), but I think it is because I was doing it incorrectly and was feeling it in my wrist joints (major wrong place) instead of in my hamstrings (a muscle group, where it should be felt and/or stretched).

Thankfully yoga is easy to do anywhere. Just grab a mat, towel, or a slab of carpet and you’re good to go.

trying to do yoga on the board?

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yoga at the beach is positively delightful. But you may get some funny stares 😉

Have a great weekend!

Have YOU tried yoga at the beach?? What is YOUR current favorite yoga pose??

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