Zumba Is A Lifesaver

Hey all! And happy Friday :)

What a day it is shaping up to be up here in Michigan. Oh how I love boating, the lake, the sun, and my family. Vacation could not be more perfect!

hello Friday!

With that being said, I do like taking care of my health no matter where I am, so I do TRY to be active (somewhat) wherever I am. I used to either go for a run, wallow in self pity of not having a gym, or simply sit on my butt and do nothing. Pretty bad, right? It got boring and anxiety-building every time I went anywhere (i.e. horrible because of the guilt. Boo.)

currently sitting on my butt...heh

Zumba Dances Anywhere

Now however, I have Zumba music, Zumba DVDs, and an Ipod that I can take anywhere. Score!

This morning I had fun shaking it in my room, bouncing around the place and having a total blast. I made sure to close the blinds though, in case someone looked through from the beach and saw this total nut job through the window πŸ˜‰

But let’s be honest, if you teach fitness classes, having people see you look somewhat silly a’int no thang. Heh

isnt he hot?!

So with that being said, that is one of the main reasons why vacation and going places no longer is a stressful thing, and is actually quite a good thing (to switch it up or take it off!)

Zumba is such a fabulous way to have fun, sweat, and get in some good booty shakin’. When doing Zumba I almost never need to check the clock to see what time it is or how much time I have left, whereas on a treadmill, I am usually staring down the numbers (booorrriiing!)

And I know so many people who have lost tons of weight dancing Zumba dances, which has made them very happy and healthy. Woot. Let’s be honest, anything is possible when you shake it on the dance floor :)

a healthy diet helps too

(huge salad + Salmon. Yumm!)

And Zumba calories are no joke, they get burned SO quickly during that fun, hot, sweaty session (usually between 450-800 per hour, dependent on weight of person, Zumba dances done, and type of class/instructor). It is almost like a fun dance party instead of a workout (my kind of fun!)

Zumba Dances

My favorite Zumba dances as of late include “En Sus Listos Fuera,” “Ven Conmingo,” “Pause,” and “Zumba Samba.” I love Reggaeton and Merengue as of late because they both allow me to have more fun and shake it ‘my’ way.

Zumba dances do come in many forms and each teacher does it his/her way, but any Zumba class can be fun if you go ready to sweat and smile. And anyone can have Zumba in their room with Zumba DVDs or soon, having videos online from yours truly (stay tuned within the next 2 months!)


I am off to go play in the lake and maybe go water ski today. Woot :)

Oh, and HAPPY birthday to my childhood best friend, Lindsay! Β <3 Xoxo <3

What do YOU do -fitness wise-when on vacation?? What are YOUR favorite Zumba dances as of late??

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  1. AH! I got a shout out on the blog!!!! I love it!!! Thanks!!! :) :) It depends on the vacation… usually, Jonny likes to get his time on the treadmill, so I join him (not on the dreadmill) but in the work-out room. But if we are in a big walking city like Chicago or New York, we usually just get our exercise by walking EVERYWHERE and exploring! I LOVE walking to and from restaurants!!! My favorite Zumba dances? Watching YOU shake it!!! (And secretly wishing I had just a bone of rhythm! haha)

  2. I’ve done a spin class on vacation before (since my LA Fitness membership works nationwide).

  3. I love Zumba! But you already know that about me…

    As of late I love Pause! It’s just so hardcore! I also still love Calypso and Quebradita!

    Can’t wait for your Zumba class!


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