Take It Off ? + Thankful Thursday

Hey all! Having a lovely morning I hope?  I am for sure–vacay rocks!

Last night’s sky was epic:


And this morning’s breakfast was perfect after sleeping in (and skipping a workout):


It is never too late for the 4th of July themed breakfast. Promise.

Gotta eat up those blueberries!

chomp chomp

Take It Off?

Even on vacation I have worked out every day (at least a little something), but the workouts have been less intense, shorter than normal, and not my normal routine.

But you know what? It feels great. It is actually really good for the body to take a rest from routine, especially if it is the same routine week after week (which happens when you teach a lot of fitness classes). I am not complaining, but more embracing the moments where I can CHANGE it up, and TAKE it off. (In a very non-dirty way, thankyouverymuch. hah)

So the next time you have an opportunity to switch up your normal gym routine–be it vacation, a new gym class, or simply taking the day off, seize it.

Yep, it is a healthy thing to do for yourself, your body, and your sanity.

And because you love looking at pictures of our vacation at the lake, here you go:

playing around downtown

roasting brats (I ate pita chips and hummus. yumm!)

at the sand dunes!

carrying a sleeping child in the stroller. SO manly.

Lake Michigan behind us, sand dunes in front of us. SO cool!

You’re welcome 😉

Thankful Thursday

  • I am thankful to be at the beach with my hot husband and wonderful family! (missing 1 sister and brother in law who had to work. Boo)
  • I am grateful for the warm water so we don’t freeze up here in Michigan.

the beach at Lake Michigan

  • I am grateful for the free Internet at the local library :)

What are YOU thankful for today?? Do YOU simply just take it off in terms of routine on random days??

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  1. I took the day off today to sleep in just a little bit longer! I still did my morning yoga stretching, but I didn’t do my arm workout like I had planned. It does feel good to take time off!

    I’m thankful for the beautiful sunshine and perfect temperature today! No scorchers in the forecast for awhile!

  2. looks like you’re having a blast on vacation!! pix are great!! i take it off when my body tells me too :) i’m thankful that i have a great job :)

  3. Oh my goodness. So many good memories there!!!


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