A Salad A Day

Hey all from the lake in Michigan!

It is gorgeous:

Hello Michigan!

perfect weather,

awww yah

full of great people (duh!),

hi guys

has amazing views,


and delectable treats.

my sister made cookies and we frosted them

To start the day off today I began with a super sweaty circuit training routine (keepin’ at it on vacay!)

let's get sweaty!

Vacation Circuit Training Routine

  • 1 minute jumping jacks
  • 1 minute high knees (running)
  • 1 minute squat jumps
  • 2 sets each of: chest flys, bicep curls, reverse flys, triceps extensions, lunges, and planks (used my own body weight and cans of corn<—gotta improvise when on vacation!)
  • Repeat the WHOLE thing 1 more time!
  • End with 20 burpees <—just for FUN!
  • DIE.

It was awesome (and now I am very ready to lay out! With sunscreen on, of course!)

Healthy and Eating

So, each day so far has been complete with killer salads.

With delicious ingredients, whole foods, and awesome dressing.

hello gorgeous

What more could a girl ask for?!

I am seriously “an apple and a salad a day keep the doctor away” kind of gal. I don’t know if I have ever gone a day without at least one of the two (an apple or a salad)….okay, maybe that is a lie, but it must be at least 348 of the 356 days per year that I have at least one of the two.

same salad, different day

And it is never boring because like I’ve mentioned, ANY salad can be spruced up to meet your needs, tastes, and cravings, and ANY apple can be dipped in a nut butter, drizzled with caramel, or eaten atop oatmeal, ice cream, or…..you guessed it : SALAD.

And the day has begun, so off to the lake I go. I can’t wait to get more sand in my swimsuit today πŸ˜‰

What about YOU–what keeps the doctor away for YOU?? What are YOUR tricks for staying fit while on vacation??

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  1. As a dietitan I hate to admit it but I very rarely CRAVE salads. I’ll find one that I like now and then, or turn to it as a last resort, but salads just don’t do it for me – especially if they’re mostly iceberg lettuce, yuck! But yours look very tasty!

  2. Your salads look amazing! I just realized last night that I love the taste of dijon mustard as a salad dressing, YUM!



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