Vacation Food

Monday has arrived (per usual) but I am on vacation!

At a lake.

With my {awesome} family.

And with some really great food.

ahhhh Summer food

Vacation Food

When on vacation, all the hard work we’ve done in the past (i.e. fitness classes, workouts, eating whole foods, etc.) does NOT need to go out the window. It comes back to haunt–I promise.

salad on vacay is okay too!

However, with that being said, on vacation I tend to be a bit more ‘lax.’ I probably eat more sweets than normal, I probably exert a tad less energy towards ‘structured workouts’ than normal, and I definitely am not teaching my normal fitness class routine.

spinach (boxed) pizza + added spinach

BUT I am boating, swimming, playing with the nieces/nephews, having Zumba and Pilates parties with the siblings, and enjoying myself to the max.

That is vacation to me.

I did, consequently, squeeze in a workout this morning (45 min. Zumba, 15 min. Pilates), but I’ll probably have another bowl of this (like I did yesterday) later on tonight too:

I <3 cereal on ice cream

It is all about the BALANCE. To me, it is worth it to eat a little bit of ‘fun’ stuff on vacation, but now it is much easier to do so because I don’t stuff myself, deny myself, or hide the food. And I don’t feel guilty for any of it.

part of the food for the beach house

What fun is it to eat and then feel guilty about eating? It is not fun (emotional eater days)–it is torture, actually. Now I just plain enjoy it and then move on to the next activity.

….well, I am off to go boating! Yiiipppeee :)

Enjoy the day!

Do YOU relax–food wise- when on vacation?? What is YOUR ideal ‘fun’ food??

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  1. Mmmm.. yummy food!!

    PS: I updated my blog and am finally writing again! 😉 Miss you!

  2. Yay, so glad you’re enjoying your vacation, Annette! And your vacation philosophy sounds a lot like mine! Why feel guilty about anything — it’s a useless emotion anyways, right! I like just enjoying vacation and staying balanced … but most of all, enjoying all the blessings around us. And zumba and pilates parties? Yes, please!!

    Keep having FUN!

  3. When I’m on vacation I kinda go with the flow as far as food and try not to think about it too much- I’m there for fun and for relaxation, not to stress about food!

  4. I relax when on vacation for sure!! My fav fun food is ice cream!! Topped with TONS of fruit!

    Have fun babe!



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