Meal Time + Thankful Thursday

Hey all! If you haven’t yet, check out my past as an emotional eater, and how/why I have recovered completely. You may just find some tips if you suffer from a similar thing!

I love meal time. I like sitting down and having conversations with my husband while eating delicious food. I love when there are no distractions or loud noises (see slow down as to why!), and I really enjoy it most when the food is flavorful, exciting, and healthy.

Since I don’t photograph all my meals (nor do I ever want to!!), I thought I’d share some recent eats with ya. Ideas stem from checking out other people’s meals and pictures, ya know (i.e. Katie ‘s meals always look amazing and inspire me to actually cook. Hah) πŸ˜‰

Lunch Meal Time


This lunch had me mmmming and smacking my lips. And was sponsored by TJ’s. Hah (I wish!)

  • 1 piece whole wheat sourdough bread (TJ’s)
  • 1 wedge laughing cow blue cheese
  • spinach
  • turkey pieces on top
  • with multigrain pita chips + garlic hummus (both from TJ’s)

I was tempted to eat the chips right out of the bag, but I plated it instead.

Breakfast Meal Time

I <3 magic bullet

Still on a Smoothie In A Bowl kick!

berries, spinach, ice, Greek yogurt, choc protein powder

Snack Time

Trader Joe's does no wrong

These babies are so crunchy–just like I want my pita chips to be!

Dinner Meal Time

blob of Feta cheese on top? Oh YES

Have I mentioned that I LOVE huge plates of fresh salad ingredients on them?

gorgeous, no matter what angle!

Thankful Thursday

SO many things to be grateful for this week… to choose?!

  • I am thankful for sisters who care (and visit this site almost daily. awwww!)

me and a sister jet skiing (circa 2009)

  • I am thankful for water bottles (SO needed while teaching a BodyPUMP class-in which I am drrriipppiinngg with sweat. MMM yummy)
  • I am grateful for a strong, fit, body…and being healed as an emotional eater πŸ˜‰

What have been some of YOUR meal time favorites?? Anything YOU are especially thankful for today??

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  1. Mmm your meals look delish — especially that sandwich, yum! Some of my favorite things lately are avocados and cherries. Not together of course, lol! :) And that’s so sweet that your sisters visit your site almost daily!! Hooray for supportive family! I’m thankful for being married to my amazing husband for three years on Tuesday!

  2. caroline orien says:

    I am thankful for sisters that love me even though our schedules don’t always match up for frequent phone chats.

    Lately a favorite meal of mine has been breakfast. I love green smoothies!



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