Gym Vocabulary

Hey, hey. The week is already going at a nice, fast pace. Are you equal to the task? Heh.


Last night’s dinner was epic. As in August 1 is Swiss National Day (read: Switzerland’s July 4th), and because I am like 74% Swiss (my mom immigrated from Switzerland when she married my dad-whose ancestors are Swiss-), we celebrate this day –and I LOVE it. I am going to get my Swiss citizenship one day, and then go and live there….

…pretty much because I want to eat this every day:

Zopf--a Swiss bread that is SO amazing.

No words describe this bread. Butter, eggs, & flour are all in it, and that’s probably why it is SO dang good. Heh.

Rounded out by:

semi-Swiss meal...

Instead of brats, I opted for a veggie patty (with Ketchup!!), Zopf with Swiss cheese, and my favorite healthy salad.

I know, you’re jealous, so I’ll stop showing pictures of that incredible meal.

Swiss lanterns above our heads!

Gym Vocabulary

I know that some of us get intimidated in the gym, as I definitely did when I first entered the ‘gym’ scene. I decided to post some common words and define them simply so the next time your gym session rolls around, you are well equipped to talk like the regulars 😉

  • Reps-the number of times an exercise is performed (i.e. 8 reps of triceps extensions => triceps move done 8 times)
  • Sets-a group of reps. 1 set equals a certain number of reps (i.e. 1 set of 12 reps)
  • Rest-period of time in between exercises or workouts where the body recovers, heals, and rejuvenates itself. Vital for fitness performance!
  • Circuit-type of exercise that combines resistance training with higher intense cardio spurts…done in a circuit (moving from one move to the next)
  • Barbell-a bar with plates/weights on the end. The bar can be weighted (already with weights attached), or the bar can have weights added to it.
  • Dumbbells-hand-held weights that come in all different weight amounts–usually come in pairs.
  • Superset-doing exercises back to back with little to no rest in between (increases heart rate, metabolism, and after burn effect. WIN!)
  • Medicine Ball-a weighted ball, usually used during full-body exercises
  • Concentric Contraction-when the muscle fibers shorten during a contraction (bicep curl movement UP)
  • Eccentric Contraction-when the muscle fibers lengthen during a contraction–deceleration part of an exercise (taking the bicep curl DOWN)
  • Reverse Fly-works the back muscles (lats, deltoids)-it is done bent over with the arms flying backwards, while squeezing the shoulder blades together
  • Overload-a muscle or muscle groups gain strength when added force or new movements are put upon it (them)–(read: adding more weights to a normal resistance training routine to make the muscles work harder and get stronger). This is a VITAL part of any weight train plan
  • FITT-the 4 principles of exercise (frequency, intensity,type,time). Read more about FITT here.
  • HIIT-High Intensity Interval Training; alternating higher/faster intervals for slower intervals over a period of time–usually about 8-10 intervals
  • Block work-putting two different sports right after one another (i.e. swim then bike). Mostly used in Triathlon training!
  • PR-Personal Record. When setting a new record during a race or workout, for you personally; you say you “PRed”
  • DR-Distance Record. When setting a new record for a distance covered.

Hopefully that gives a little more clueing in to what words trainers, friends, and other fitness enthusiasts are saying. So, enjoy your next workout!

What ‘fitness’ words confuse YOU?? Any phrases YOU want to know more about??

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  1. thank you! especially for the joint action concentric/eccentric explanation! great way to remember it! :) now…. can i take you with me this weekend??? haha

  2. Okay, that vocal list is AWESOME and SO SO HELPFUL!! LOVE IT…I may need to print it out:)


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