Sweets + Sweat

Hey, hey. How was your weekend? Mine was fun, lazy (meals were all about the slow down factor), and full of random chores/errands. Gotta love a weekend like that!

Today has been steller so far….and sweaty.

Taught 2 classes this morning:

  • 1 hour ZUMBA class (oh how I love to shake it with friends!)

sweaty and half smiley = great workout

I love those two classes—so my Monday mornings are always stellar! I think I might have the best job in the world….get paid to sweat and workout? Sign me up. Oh wait, done and done. 😉

On the flip side to a healthy lifestyle, there is always room for indulgences and treats. That is what makes life fun and balanced (staying healthy AND eating well). However, approaching food with the expectation that it will NEED to be worked off is totally wrong, unhealthy, and quite frankly, a horrible way to live (trust me, been there, done that.)

Check out some of my recent sweet obsessions:

Exhibit A Sweets

fro yo.....

Pretty sure I’ve eaten my fair share of fro yo, but it keeps calling my name. Weird.

This cup had :

  • vanilla bean
  • no-sugar vanilla
  • dark chocolate
  • blackberry
  • with toppings: salted caramel, granola, tiny caramel turtles, coconut, and a blackberry

The no-sugar vanilla was actually quite tasty, and hence my adding it to the bowl (with copious amounts of caramel<—it balances it all out. hah)

Exhibit B Sweets

obsessed, much?

Pretty sure I am the caramel queen. Anyone want to fight me for that title?

Thought so 😉

Exhibit C Sweets

cereal can be eaten for dessert, did ya know?

In this bowl:

  • Chobani Strawberry Greek yogurt
  • Fiber One cereal
  • Choc protein powder
  • Blackberries

Not all things sweet need to be super SWEET. And they don’t have to be eaten after dark either–I am a master at that!

So there ya have it, anyone CAN enjoy a good sweaty workout, but they can also enjoy some sweets as well. A moderate intake of sweets with a nice dose of exercise does anyone’s body good :)

Just listen up, your body will tell you when it wants a nice HUGE bowl of salad or a nice, heap of caramel coated chocolate.

Well, I am off to seize the day….or teach swim lessons and another Zumba class + health coaching. That works too, I guess!  😉

What are YOUR favorite sweets as of late?? What’s YOUR favorite way to sweat it up??

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  1. My fave sweet right now is definitely ice cream :) I am taking a body combat class tomorrow night for the first time and I am so excited!!! I’ve heard lots of people rave about Les Mills (like body pump!).

  2. LOVE the dessert idea!

  3. caroline orien says:

    My favorite sweet of late is frozen watermelon and vegan cookie dough. yum!

  4. I am a sweet freak!

    Right now I am madly in love with cherries…And frozen yogurt…And watermelon…And anything chocolate!!

    I made a “Grown up puffed wheat square” on Thursday that ROCKED my chocolate cravings away!


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  2. […] so is chocolate. And pumpkin. And cookies. Okay so some of that is a lie, but most of it is […]



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